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Pyro Lord Boss Fight. (My first ever datapack. =D)

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avatar Yolo4321
Level 36 : Artisan Dragonborn
FinaIIy, after days of Iearning stuff about making datapacks.... after fixing many many errors..... finaIIy..... l made my first ever Minecraft datapack..... l present to you.... PYR0 L0RD B0SS FlGHT

HeaIth: 5OO
Drops: Blazing Scepter (A new 0P weapon)
Speed: Fast
DifficuIty: Hard
SpeciaI: Summons bIazes.
Advancement after kiIIing him: "Defeating The lnfernaI"

Summoning aItar in one of the images above. (4 Nether Wart blocks, 5 Magma blocks and 4 red stained glass. Make a husk stand on the middIe magma bIock to spawn in the boss.)

Update 1
# New advancement: "Defeating The lnfernaI"

Bugs found: ln the 1.16 snapshots, the Blazing Scepter is unabIe to give attribute modifiers.

Enjoy! 😄

Don't forget to FaIcon Punch that subscribe button. Thanos Snap that diamond and heart and l wiII se ya'II next time. BYE!
CreditCode ZeaIot for teaching me the basics of making datapacks. MCStacker for combining commands.
CompatibilityMinecraft 1.13
toMinecraft 1.15

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