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Races Of Thubbion - Playable Origins-like Races In Minecraft [Discontinued]

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WaterFlowDev avatar WaterFlowDev
Level 28 : Expert Procrastinator
This is an old abandoned project with tons of bugs! I wouldn't recommend downloading it. I'm just keeping it for the exp.
(That's why the comments are disabled)
Races Of Thubbion

Races Of Thubbion is a datapack that adds
9 unique races into the vanilla game with unique abilities, similar to the Origins mod.
It does not require any resource/texture packs or mods, and it is multiplayer friendly.
The current races are:
- The Human
- The Iron Golem
- The Ghost
- The Beaconator
- The Ender Dragon
- The Voidling
- The Monk
- The Windkin
- The Fungion

- The Lightning Spirit
and The Demon

The Demon is not intended for normal gameplay.

How to install:

For already existing worlds/servers:

1. Locate the world folder
2. Put the zipped datapack into the datapacks folder
3. You are done!

For worlds that don't exist yet:
1. Before creating the world, click on the datapacks button, in the
world creation menu
2. Drag & drop the datapack into the left side of the menu, and while having your mouse on it,
click on the arrow pointing to the right.
3. Click done and create the world.

Special thanks to Thubb, check him out on youtube.

CreditThanks to Thubb for the ideas :D sub to him: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCu95hD3zIkELG-FQ3hPTUtw
CompatibilityMinecraft 1.17
toMinecraft 1.18

7 Update Logs

Update 2.1 : by WaterFlowDev 12/05/2021 4:40:07 amDec 5th, 2021

Changed the pack format to 8
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