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Sandstorm Following You

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Level 91 : Overlord Pony
This datapack allows you to add a sandstorm to your world. This one is programmed to follow the closest player.

It is recommended to play in 1.16 in a world generated in desert mode (custom generation).

To start the datapack, type /function sandstorm:start and to stop it, /function sandstorm:stop.
To change the speed of the storm, type /scoreboard players set $Speed Sandstorm XX with XX a number between 0 and 100. The lower this number, the faster the storm will move. It has a value of 10 by default.

Warning: If you move too far away from the sandstormstorm, it will stop following you because the chunks where it is located will no longer be generated.

If you encounter too many lags, you can download one of these optimized versions:
[​1] Simple Light Version (First Optimization Level)
[​2] Lighter Version (Second Optimization Level)
[​3] Really Lighter Version (Third Optimization Level)
[​4] Even Lighter Version ! (Fourth Optimization Level)
[​5] Ligher ??? (Custom Optimization Level)

MoonKase's video:

For any support, join my discord server : https://discord.me/awhikax

Datapack requested by MoonKase

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CompatibilityMinecraft 1.16

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