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TheWii's Avatar TheWii
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Seasonal Calendar Minecraft Data Pack


  1. Download the latest version (Resource Pack only if you are playing 1.16+);

  2. Drop "seasonal-calendar-datapack.zip" inside '.minecraft/saves/<world>/datapacks' folder(how to open .minecraft folder);

  3. Launch minecraft;

  4. Load the Resource Pack (How to load a resource pack);

  5. Join the world, with cheats on, type /reload;

  6. That's it! Type /trigger SeasonalCalendar to open the datapack settings.


        Seasonal Calendar is a datapack that adds a sense of time for minecraft. It's a functional, simple and optimized system that shows the current time, including seasons(Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter), with their own aspects and game mechanics that aggregate the survival minecraft.

      Available Mechanics:
      Click to reveal
        - Check the in-game time;

        - Weekdays and weekends;

        - Four seasons(Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter) with 21 days each;


              Seasonal Calendar keeps track of the weather as well. In the morning you get the daily weather forecast. The types of weather available are:

            VANILLA WEATHER:

              Sunny: No rain foreseen but a sun shining all day!

              Momentary Rainy:
            It will rain at some time of the day and will last a few hours;

              Rainy All Day: Prepare your umbrellas, rain foreseen all day long!

              Momentary Stormy: There will be a thunderstorm at some time of the day and will last a few hours;

              Stormy: Rain with thunders are foreseen all day long!


              Spring Pollen:
                - Spring only weather;
                - Plants grows +33% faster during days with this weather condition;
                - If players stand too much time outside they can get spring allergies;

              Heat Wave:
                - Summer only weather;
                - If players expose themselves, they can get heat sick;
                - Swimming or standing inside is recommended during heat waves;

                - Autumn only weather;
            - Visual weather only;

                - Winter only weather;
                - Plants won't grow when the day is Snowy;

            Environment Interactions

              During your gameplay, some special events can happen if you are doing something in a specific season. They are either advantages or disadvantages, the current available ones are:

              - When players are flying with an elytra during a storm, they can get striked by a lightning;

              - When players are near bees in spring, there is a chance of receiving speed boost(Speed II for 16 seconds);

              - When players are swimming in summer, there is a chance of receiving a swimming boost(Dolphin's Grace II for 12 seconds);

              - When players are near bats in autumn, there is a chance of receiving night vision(Night Vision I for 18 seconds)


            The datapack has a bunch of settings, there are global settings(only admins can change these) and personal settings(self-explanatory name):

            Global Settings:

              Weather Generation: Whether weather should be generated with the new weather system;

              Environment Interactions: Whether special events happen;

              Plants Growth Changes: Whether seasons interfere on plants growing rate;

              Uninstall Datapack: Important task before removing/disabling the datapack from your world. You won't lose the current day/season;

              Reset Calendar: Start again from Spring, 1st;

              Jump Through Time: Change the current day and season(cheats required);

            Personal Settings:

              Display method: When the hours will be displayed above hotbar (Always, Clock in Inventory, Clock in Mainhand and Disabled);

              Announce Day: Whether the new day is announced every morning(Title only, Title and chat, Chat only and Disabled;

              Display Position: Where on the screen the clock should be displayed(Above hotbar, Bottom left or Bottom right);

              CompatibilityMinecraft 1.15
              toMinecraft 1.17

              11 Update Logs

              [2.0.2] Minor Improvements : by TheWii 08/28/2020 12:40:57 pmAug 28th, 2020

              - Added an option to display day and forecast announcements in the form of chat messages;
              - Custom weather particles are working again;
              - Seasonal Calendar follows Datapack Conventions and it is a certified datapack now!
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              08/27/2022 9:26 am
              Level 1 : New Miner
              Red_Reaper's Avatar
              user i make a lage mod pack can i use your pack in mine i want a very lage mod pack for all of the people on this site to use and not have t0 download like 20 mod then they can just installl mine is that ok to you

              kind regard
              12/01/2021 7:45 am
              Level 1 : New Explorer
              ili0s's Avatar
              Hm, it doesn't seem to give me a weather forecast but otherwise, it works great!
              11/10/2021 1:16 am
              Level 2 : Apprentice Crafter
              FrostyTheSnowCat's Avatar
              Wait, this doesn't sync with IRL time right?
              white bred
              07/29/2021 4:49 am
              Level 1 : New Explorer
              white bred's Avatar
              For some reason its not working. I don't know why.
              white bred
              07/29/2021 4:22 am
              Level 1 : New Explorer
              white bred's Avatar
              Do I need to install the resource pack for 1.17 too?
              06/26/2021 6:20 pm
              Level 1 : New Explorer
              BonoboSensei's Avatar
              Will this ever be updated to 1.17?
              06/10/2021 12:59 am
              Level 1 : New Miner
              User3649006G's Avatar
              how to do reinstall the datapack after you delete the datapack from /trigger SeasonalCalendar
              05/19/2021 5:27 pm
              Level 1 : New Miner
              amsedal's Avatar
              Would you be willing to add displaying of moon phases in some way?

              I don't know how to use "github.com/Arcensoth/timekeeper-datapack" ... but it could be helpful?

              Thank you for the great mod!
              03/16/2021 8:47 am
              Level 1 : New Miner
              User3493409G's Avatar
              i have this on my server and it had it for 100 days it didnt do any cool weather like heat waves and stuff its set on seasonal
              02/06/2021 8:59 am
              Level 1 : New Explorer
              Rapidd_Panda's Avatar
              Does it work for multiplayer?