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NinjaSnail1080 avatar NinjaSnail1080
Level 55 : Grandmaster Programmer
I always thought that the current way to obtain music discs was really weird. You get a skeleton to shoot a creeper, and somehow that causes a music disc to drop? It doesn't really make sense to me. So, I made this datapack that changes how music discs must be collected.

Now, each music disc has a unique way of collecting it. Most of them are found in structures. This datapack also gives you another reason to explore your world more. Now, there's actually a point in going out searching for dessert pyramids, jungle temples, woodland mansions, and the like.

The datapack also adds two new advancements to the Adventure tab:

  • Music to My Ears, for playing a music disc
  • You Spin Me 'Round, for collecting and playing all 13 discs (credit)

Here is a list of ways to collect each disc
  • 13: Found in dungeon chests (it fits with the cave ambience heard in the track)
  • cat: Obtained through a cat's morning gift (self-explanatory)
  • blocks: Found in desert temple chests (the track has kind of a dry feel to it, so i thought it fit)
  • chirp: Found in the chest at the top of pillager outposts (don't really have a reason for this one)
  • far: Found in taiga and snowy villages (it kind of reminds me of snow falling)
  • mall: Found in shipwreck treasure chests (the track just sounds underwatery)
  • mellohi: Found in igloo chests (sounds kinda melancholic and sinister, which fits with the experiments going on with the villagers in the basement)
  • stal: Found in woodland mansions (it seems like something that would play along to people plotting something)
  • strad: Found in jungle temples (has a tropical feel to it, which fits with the jungle)
  • ward: Found in end cities (has a really adventurous feel to it, which fits with the endgame)
  • 11: Obtained the traditional way. If a skeleton shoots a creeper, there's a 1/5 chance of this disc dropping (the disc appears broken, which would make sense if it was shot by an arrow)
  • wait: Found in plains, desert, and savannah villages (don't really have a reason for this one)
  • Pigstep: This one hasn't changed. It's still only found in bastion chests

This only works in 1.16+, although you can still use it in 1.14 - 1.15.2 if you delete the folder called "smd". This will get rid of the new advancements but the new ways to collect each disc will remain the same.

Inspired by this Reddit post
CreditReddit user u/BlueManedHawk
CompatibilityMinecraft 1.16
toMinecraft 1.18

4 Update Logs

Update #4 : by NinjaSnail1080 09/26/2021 7:47:10 pmSep 26th, 2021

  • Updated pack_format to 7 for 1.17+

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12/28/2021 6:49 am
Level 42 : Master Creeper Hugger
daenvil avatar
Using this on Minecraft 1.18, both custom advancements are granted automatically at the start of the game as soon as you do anything. I think it is because you are still using the pre1.17 format for advancements ("item" was changed to "items", see this wiki page)

Other than that, everything seems to be working great.
12/17/2020 10:21 pm
Level 2 : Apprentice Crafter
agb64 avatar
Wow! This is great. Welp, my personal datapack got about 20KB bigger. Thanks.
Have a nice day.
10/23/2020 3:04 pm
Level 34 : Artisan Magical Girl
SomeBasilKinGirl avatar
welp, now i gotta find a mansion
07/24/2020 2:08 pm
Level 13 : Journeyman Engineer
Lego_Master_A avatar
Sounds great! I can't wait to use it in a newly generated world.
07/17/2020 3:11 am
Level 1 : New Miner
Gr3at_H0n0r avatar
Very cool I love it! One question. Can I still get discs from creeper?
07/17/2020 3:18 pm
Level 55 : Grandmaster Programmer
NinjaSnail1080 avatar
Only Disc 11 can be obtained the traditional way by having a skeleton kill a creeper, as it said in the drop down list.
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