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Simple Bosses (Part 1): Bob.

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    avatar Yolo4321
    Level 30 : Artisan Dragonborn
    Disclaimer: This isn't a datapack. lt's a 0ne Structure Block creation.

    Simple Bosses Series EP1: Bob the diamond-armored zombie.

    Do you know Bob? The zombie that wears diamond armor and normally comes out of lucky blocks when mined? Well, in this episode of Simple Bosses, this adds a Bob boss battle. But first, you'll have to make a fake lucky block in order to attract his attention. So, here's some info on the simple boss.

    Simple boss info:

    Summoning: Throw 4 gold ingots, a gold block, 2 diamonds and an egg on a glowstone block.
    Health: 1000
    Drops: 2 diamond swords and a full set of diamond gear.

    Installation: Unzip the file you just downloaded ---> launch minecraft ---> go to your world folder ---> drag the "generated" folder from the .zip file you just downloaded into your world folder ---> play your world ---> /give @p structure_block ---> load in structure "simplebosses1bob" ---> PLAY! 😀
    There is also a self-destruct switch if you want to remove it.

    May simple luck be with you. 🌟✨🎇

    Don't forget to Falcon Punch that subscribe button, Thanos snap that Diamond and Heart and I will see ya'll next time. BYE!
    CreditMCStacker for combining commands.
    CompatibilityMinecraft 1.13
    toMinecraft 1.16 Snapshot

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