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SpaceTech: Endgame Utilities - Microcapsule Structures, Teleporters

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Brownie1111 avatar Brownie1111
Level 28 : Expert Botanist
SpaceTech is a datapack aimed at providing endgame players with additional tools and utilities for exploration and building convenience.

To Install: Put the .zip file in your datapacks folder of your minecraft world, and enter the command /reload. No need to extract, and no resource pack is required.
To Uninstall: Enter the command /function spacetech:spacetech_uninstall

Feature List:

Microcapsules: These are the core gameplay of SpaceTech. They are craftable custom heads that once dropped onto the ground will spawn a structure, no building required.
  • Capsules are crafted in a dispenser, and can only be crafted one at a time (multiple items in the same slot will not work). To receive the capsule you must stand on top of the dispenser containing the ingredients. Note that all recipes use "block of quartz" - not smooth quartz.
  • Each type of capsule has a unique shaped recipe. Images of each recipe are provided in the spoiler below and in the datapack file for your convenience.
  • For the capsule to activate, simply drop it on the ground and have all players stand back. The structure will spawn centered on the block the capsule is placed, facing north. They will overwrite blocks in their spawning area so be sure to give them plenty of space!
  • If you accidentally place a capsule instead of dropping it, break it - the datapack will reassign the necessary nbt data
Capsule Types
Aquarium Tank: A water-filled tank for all your water needs on the go, even in the nether. Also works for capturing aquatic mobs.
SpaceTech: Endgame Utilities - Microcapsule Structures, Teleporters Minecraft Data Pack
Containment Units (small and large versions): Think of these as throwable cages, but with a futuristic look. Simply throw at the mob you'd like to capture, and stand back. Each spawns with a beacon for easy locating.
SpaceTech: Endgame Utilities - Microcapsule Structures, Teleporters Minecraft Data Pack
SpaceTech: Endgame Utilities - Microcapsule Structures, Teleporters Minecraft Data Pack
Crop Plot: Spawn a small garden containing most types of crops. Great for setting up a small or temporary base.

Dimension Gate: A large, futuristic-styled nether portal. Comes with flint and steel to activate. (Note: can be spawned in the end, but portal cannot be lit)

Storage Crate: A larger structure, containing lots of chests and shulker boxes for storage. Somewhat expensive, but provides many more shulker boxes than the 8 shulker shells would provide.

Storage Silo: Significantly less storage than the crate, but comes with crafting and smelting stations. Useful for quickly setting up a workstation.

Survival Pod: A spawn-proof room with a bed and shulker box, useful for explorers who need a place to sleep. Can only use white bed to craft.

Teleporter: The most expensive of the capsules, requiring three wither kills each. Used to teleport to any other teleporter in the world (more on these below)

Capsule Give Commands
/function spacetech:capsules/aquarium_tank/capsule_aquarium_tank_give
/function spacetech:capsules/containment_unit_large/capsule_containment_unit_large_give
/function spacetech:capsules/containment_unit_small/capsule_containment_unit_small_give
/function spacetech:capsules/crop_plot/capsule_crop_plot_give
/function spacetech:capsules/dimension_gate/capsule_dimension_gate_give
/function spacetech:capsules/storage_crate/capsule_storage_crate_give
/function spacetech:capsules/storage_silo/capsule_storage_give
/function spacetech:capsules/survival_pod/capsule_survival_pod_give
/function spacetech:capsules/teleporter/capsule_teleporter_give

A way to instantly travel between any locations across any dimensions
  • Teleporters are spawned the same way as other structures: drop a capsule, stand back, and the teleporter will spawn ready to use
  • Each teleporter has 2 configurable settings:
  1. Channel (frequency): The color of the teleporter, adjust by rotating the item in the item frame above "Channel" for a total of 8 colors (white, red, orange, yellow, lime, green, blue, purple).
  2. Destination: The color of the teleporter you wish to teleport to, adjust by rotating the item in the item frame above "Destination".
  • To teleport, at least 2 teleporters must be placed somewhere in your world, and they must be set to different channels. Once at least 2 teleporters are configured, set your destination to an existing teleporter, stand on the diamond block (make sure you aren't on a slab instead) and press the stone button above "Destination".
  • To remove/deactivate a teleporter, place an obsidian block on top of the glass block that is above the beacon. This will remove the armorstands and item frames, and the teleporter can be safely removed.
  • You can set up to 8 teleporters (one for each color channel). While spawning more is possible, it is not recommended as unexpected behavior may occur.
Using a Teleporter

  • This datapack may be rather demanding on your minecraft client, as it runs many /execute commands each tick.
  • This datapack may not work with other datapacks which also use /forceload to load chunks.
  • This datapack should work for multiplayer and in minecraft versions 1.14.4 - 1.15.1
  • Feel free to use this datapack publicly or privately, just be sure to give credit using a link to this page where applicable, and don't repost elsewhere. If you use it publicly I'd love to see what you do with it!
Creditminecraft-heads.com for some of the custom heads
CompatibilityMinecraft 1.14
toMinecraft 1.15

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03/07/2020 12:16 am
Level 20 : Expert Zombie
Zombie3597 avatar
Great job on this pack! I look forward to what comes next :)
02/16/2020 2:04 am
Level 1 : New Explorer
HazelCapulus avatar
I just made an account to say that this datapack is absolutely amazing, and I have N O idea how it doesn't have any attention. I really, really hope to see more updates in future! It's so cool being able to just slap down a prefab base wherever I want.

Maybe an enchanting room, or a watchtower, or even some sort of prefab wall could be interesting? I dunno, I just really love the style of this pack, and it's one of my new favourites to play with :D

I even put together a little End outpost (although at first I made the mistake of trying to sleep in a bed, because I forgot how the End works)
02/17/2020 1:22 pm
Level 28 : Expert Botanist
Brownie1111 avatar
Thanks, and cool outpost!

I do have some new ideas for this datapack I hope to work on, though I hadn't really thought about structural components like that. I'll keep these ideas in mind, thanks for sharing :)
02/17/2020 1:38 pm
Level 1 : New Explorer
HazelCapulus avatar
Ahh, awesome! I can't wait to see what you come up with! :D
02/05/2020 8:45 pm
Level 4 : Apprentice Pig
Staitc avatar
This datapack is super impressive. The teleporter itself could be a datapack in itself. Thank you for making this
02/17/2020 1:16 pm
Level 28 : Expert Botanist
Brownie1111 avatar
Glad you like it!
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