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Spirit's Bosspack - Elder Frost

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SpiritTheMan avatar SpiritTheMan
Level 33 : Artisan Loremaster
Welcome to Spirit's Bosspack!
If you have clicked on this, you likely want an adventure...
I have your adventure with this datapack and it updates to come!

Currently, there is one boss, The Elder Evil.
The Elder Evil pack a good wallap, and you shall fail the quest of slaying it unless you let me guide you to victory, so listen up!

Summoning it-

In order to summon the Elder Evil, you need to summon its shrine.
In order to do that, you need an Icy Glyph.
To craft the Icy Glyph, you must drop an Enchantment Book, a Diamond, a Packed Ice, and six Cobbled Deepslate on the groun together.
Now place the Icy Glyph somewhere acceptable, likely a plains biome, and prepare for battle!

Now, you can spawn The Elder Evil. First, Throw 10 Soul Lanterns into the snow cloud at the center of the shrine.
Next, throw a respawn anchore at it. You have now summoned the elder evil.
You may only summon one Elder Evil at a time, just try it and see!

Fighting it-

The Elder Evil is a powerful supernatural force, wraut of steel, ice, and powerful magic, and controlled by two smaller contructs.
In order to defeat it, you must destroy those smaller constructs.
(The bossbar is the amount of health both of them have put together.)
The boss will be unwilling to let you slay it, and will use several attacks...

Ice Ball-
A snowball like projectile that does no damage, but drops snow where it lands.

Frost Blast-
A greater version of the Ice Ball.

Icy Energy-
A beam of pure frost energy that inflicts wither II for ten seconds.
Or drops an ice block where it lands.

Cold Cloud-
A slowness and instant damage inflicting projectile that splits after a bit.
Only splits once.

How it usess these attacks-

Ice Ball-
Fires randomly.

Frost Blast-
Fires four for a attack.

Icy energy-
Fires randomly.
Fires from every segment for a special attack.
Fires from Icy orbs after a bit.

Cold Clouds-
Breaths them after attack of every segment Icy Energy.

Other attacks-

Summon Ice Warriors-
Exactly What it sounds like.
Summons about 4 every time.
Ice Warriors melt after a bit, but can be dangerous.

Rams Player-
It can deal contact damage.

Cryo constructs attack-
The smaller constructs, though they would rather just watch you, can attack you as well.


So you have slayed The Elder Evil, and now have his eye and a Elder Tome.
The Elder Evil Eye can be crafted into a becon as a substitute Nether Star.
It can also be crafted into a turret that withers all around it (eccept players).
This turret, though powerful, is also unstable.
When lit on fire, it will explode into a powerfull explosion.
Works with flame arrows.
The Elder Tome has three spells to use...

Icy Energy-
Fires an Icy Energy that does not drop ice, and can be used on mobs.

Ice Crash-
Exploads ice everywhere, inflicting wither to all mobs blasted by it.

Abra Kadabra-
Fires a spell projectile that drops a Ice Mine when it hits something.
Ice Mines will expload after a bit, dealing levitation and wither to all around it,
including players, even the one weilding the tome.

This datapack took forever to make, and I would like to hear some feedback on bugs I missed, or ideas for small, unrelated features.
I have also been wanting to do some mobs for this datapack, so any suggestions for that are appreciated as well.
Anyways, I always end this kind of thing with Enjoy, so I hope you...

CreditKrossy for inspiring me with a cool worm boss.
CompatibilityMinecraft 1.17

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11/20/2021 7:49 pmhistory
Level 1 : New Miner
SirPei avatar
Cool datapack :D but im wondering if it is compatible with other datapacks since im using it with a few other datapacks and it still works but is a bit broken. Also how do you make the turret from the eye?
11/20/2021 10:06 pm
Level 33 : Artisan Loremaster
SpiritTheMan avatar
I don't think it's compatible with very many datapacks.
Also, throw a netherstar on the eye on an obsidian.
Remember not to light it on fire!
11/22/2021 12:07 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
SirPei avatar
Thanks :D
11/14/2021 4:49 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
GmanCircuitz avatar
you say small, and unrelated. I say big, and (un)related. so here is my idea for a boss (prob won't be made but I tried my best.) so this mob/boss is called the Amalgam and is somewhat designed like the quiet place monster, except it has 4 arms (one pair long like the originals, second pair smaller and more dexterous) it has a long tail like a dragons, it has a dragon head with 3 pairs of horns with a frill like Jurassic Park's Dilophosaurus. It also has excellent eyesight (32 block tracking range, double that of a normal mob). It is able to shoot out lightning from its mouth and is able to scorpion its tail and/or shoot lightning from there. it can also extend 2 blades from its longer arms and the blades have webbing between them and the arms. The Amalgam swings from ledge to ledge and will start the fight with a flying headbutt if its on a ledge, otherwise it will charge you. Then it will do various other attacks from there after swooping in/charging at you. It would have a shrine that spawns in the shattered savannas (used later) and would be able to be summoned via first getting the voluntary exile advancement. After that you have to travel up to the sky limit and take white wool (W), iron ingots (I), and a beacon (b) and aligning them like this(air is A(you can also have the players throw all this stuff on the ground, I don't rlly care)):
top: W I W
Middle: I B I
Bottom: W I W. This crafts a Cloud Core(C). With the Cloud Core you do this:
top: W C W
Middle: A I A
Bottom: A I A.
This gives you the "Rift Ripper" or the "Storm Slayer."(Netherite pickaxe. I would like a texture for it. can switch between silk and fortune, eff 8, can strike copper ore/blocks within 10 blocks with lightning, any mob hit with it gets fire work particles around them and takes damage every half second. mines a 3x3x3 area.) Anyways you mine at the air (still at height limit) and a portal appears in front of you. At this point you have 5 seconds to run before the Amalgam comes out of the portal. The beast drops "storm essence" and can be used at the shrine with a cloud core (throw them on the center part) and you will be able to morph into this boss on command (like pressing f or q or shift or something) using and item called the "Amalgam Spirit" (the spirit part is something to reference you :D) I would like some credit, however that is your choice and would be fine if I don't get credit, because at the end of the day, I still get to play as the Amalgam
11/14/2021 8:50 pm
Level 33 : Artisan Loremaster
SpiritTheMan avatar
Some of this is likly not to happen, such as things that I can't actually do, but I like this idea a lot.
Probably look forward to seeing this implimented in some form for a future update!
11/09/2021 7:24 pm
Level 9 : Apprentice Warrior
ilovebigfloppa avatar
how did you make any of these?!
11/09/2021 8:11 pm
Level 33 : Artisan Loremaster
SpiritTheMan avatar
Hard work, some fairly random coding, and some other various strategies.
11/09/2021 11:48 am
Level 57 : Grandmaster Imposter
krossy_ The ExiIed FeIIow
krossy_ The ExiIed FeIIow avatar
Glad you figured out how to make a worm boss yourself! I had not forgotten that one mention of you working on a "similar boss" since a while ago. (Wow, just stating that you took inspiration from me warms my heart. It's beginning to melt... You're very welcome!)
11/09/2021 6:47 am
Level 30 : Artisan Mage
SamoBomba avatar
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