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Spirit's Fireworks Datapack

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SpiritTheMan avatar SpiritTheMan
Level 35 : Artisan Loremaster
This is a sort of upgrade to my Firework Gun datapack from last year.
You can get the firework gun by this command
"function fire:firework_origonal_give"

Happy Fourth of July!
(Am I like, one of the only people to make this kind of datapack? I've only found a few others)

Today I made a custom Firework datapack!
(I've never seen one, so this was cool)

to get the fireworks, you can either type the commands, or summon a firework dealer by throwing 32 rockets on a villager.

The firework dealer will trade emeralds for the a sparkler, custom fireworks (excluding the Firework + and Enderwork) he will also trade for firecharge and a special Box 'O' Fire order.
When you order a Box 'O' Fire, it will be droped off from the sky 3000 ticks later. When it hits the ground, you will need to grab if by looking at the area above it and right clicking (Imagine it's a armorstand and your looking at the head to grab the helmet) than just right click with the box in your hand. You will recieve 23 Confetti Rockets,
18 Spectral Rockets, 16 Puffer Rockets, 10 Soulfireworks, and 5 each of Fireworks + and Enderworks.

The Confetti Rocket Explodes into Confetti
The Spectral Rocket gives the glowing effect
The Puffer Rocket explodes into puffer fish
The Soulfirework gives wither
The Firework + explodes into multiple fireworks and tnt
The Enderwork teleports entities around giving wither effect, as well as explodes into a dragon fireball

You can also a sparkler that, when you right click, makes particles in front of you. you can make a particle path to guid your friends, you can write your name, you can do morse code and other such codes, it's actually usefull!

And if your wondering, you can load the fireworks into a crossbow and use them as weopons, so thats pretty cool.

Anyways, thats all from this datapack. Sorry if the description stinks, I'm terrible at describing my stuff (I think)
This has been Spirit's Fireworks, I hope you

CompatibilityMinecraft 1.19

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