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Strategic Mining - Better Caves

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    Strategic Mining aims to re-incentivise cave exploration by adding biome based ore and rock generation. It's a relatively lightweight datapack though it may be incompatible with other worldgen datapacks due to changing biome files. At the moment, this datapack is only compatible with snapshot 21w03a and is not backwards compatible. It will also most likely be nullified by 1.17's worldgen in the future.

    I personally think that vanilla Minecraft caves are a tad uninspired. They require no strategy and can even be a tad annoying with inventory clutter. This datapack aims to fix that by introducing biome based materials. Some people may mine in different biomes because of the amount of ores they provide, or perhaps mine for specific blocks like andesite, granite, or diorite. This hopefully introduces a new layer of depth to caving.

    Rock Generation
    Ore Generation

    Discord Server

    This datapack is still pretty new, so please tell me if anything feels unbalanced or annoying!
    CompatibilityMinecraft 1.17 Snapshot

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    Princesa da Moda
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    I like this map !
    02/01/2021 12:30 pm
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    Please don't advertise on other peoples' posts unless it's relevant to the submission.
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    Hey I know this person
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