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Super Furious Lucky Block Data Pack (Survival Friendly; with 710+ drops; for 1.19.x)

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Taruyroiii's Avatar Taruyroiii
Level 65 : High Grandmaster Blob
Update Changelog
[v2.5.1] Optional Natural Generation and fixes!
Made Natural Generation Optional
- It is available as a downloadable add-on here on the PMC Submission.
- No changes within natural generation.

- Warden Staff and Wither Staff unable to spawn due to wrong namespace.
- Sometimes, advancements are unable to be re-triggered on servers due to inability to revoke per trigger. (For special items and block placements)

How to Install the Data Pack?
[DL] Download
1Download Data Pack
From this Submission Page,
Click Download Data Pack above.
2Download Resource Pack
Open the Required Resource Pack,
Click Download Required Resource Pack
3Download Optional RPs
If you wanted an optional texture,
Go below to download them.

(If you wanted to support me, click DOWNLOAD, but if you don't want ads, that's fine, click the Mirror button)
4Prepared Files
Lastly, you should have these two files. Or more if you downloaded the optionals and add-ons.

DP = Data Pack
RP = Resource Pack

[RP] Resource Pack
From the main Minecraft Intro,
Go to Options
2Resource Packs
From the Options,
Go to Resource Packs...
3Open Pack Folder
From the Resource Packs Menu,
Go to Open Pack Folder

(You can directly drag the RP .zip file here)
4Paste [RP] .zip File
In the "resourcepacks" folder,
Drag the [vX.X RP] Super Furious Lucky Block.zip in there to copy it.

If you have additional textures to add ([​RP] files), paste it here too!

(Don't paste the files that are with [vX.X DP] in there)

In the Resource Packs Menu,
Click the Right-arrow on the RP Logo

(If you wanted another lucky block texture, the other optional RPs must be on top of the main RP)

[DP] Data Pack
1Select World
From the main Select World screen,
Select Your World (don't Load)
2Edit World
After selecting,
Click "Edit"
3Open World Folder
From the Edit World Menu,
Go to Open World Folder
4Paste [DP] .zip File
In the "datapacks" folder,
Drag the [vX.X DP] Super Furious Lucky Block.zip in there to copy it.

If you have another add-on to add ([​DP] Files), paste it here too!

(Don't paste the files that are with [vX.X RP] in there)

5Save and Load
In the Edit World Menu,
Click the Save button and Load up your world!

[INTRO] Books, Settings and Item Menu
Once you startup your world,
You would get this Introduction notice.
You can click the three icons.

(If you didn't, try to reload your world by saving and quitting or doing /reload if you have cheats enabled)

[​You can click the Book icon in non-cheat worlds too!]
If you clicked the wrench-like icon,
You would get this Settings Menu.

(These can be manipulated however you like. If you want to review the data pack properly, you can click the Test Mode buttons.)
CItem Menu
If you clicked the Battle Axe icon,
You would get this Item Menu.

(The icons can be hovered and clicked, and you can click the tabs too above! You can also spam click this!)


Natural Generation

Natural Generation Add-on!

The Overworld maintains a healthy balance of blessings from Rainbow and Destruction Archon. They channel a great fraction of their power to bring upon these blocks.

These blocks will generate throughout your world, but they are rare, more so the Rainbow and Destruction variants.

(!!!) WARNING: Please backup your world/server every time you'll play, as Mojang warned us that it may not be supported in the future.


Resource Packs
Default RP
Ninjaxx Version
TsukiPie Version
Lubly Version


  This data pack adds the Super Furious Lucky Block in your world! This block includes drops from the original PlayerInDistress's Lucky Block mod. But, it adds new drops thanks to the Minecraft 1.13+ updates that brought new data pack system, commands, and predicates to make this possible.
  This data pack also supports add-ons that replaces/adds drops made by anyone! You can check out the add-ons below! You can also create your own add-on by downloading the add-on template from the same section below and following every READMEs!

Super Furious Lucky Block

Almost feels like the original lucky block mod!
Breaks just as fast, can be powered by redstone, and almost blast-proof! It is also truly pseudorandom and does not depend on tick-based scoreboards! And, it is well-balanced, yet if you're lucky/unlucky, you can get crazier drops!
Super Furious Lucky Block
Luck Aspect

You can adjust the luck amount of this block! By dropping certain items on top of the block, you can add or remove "luck" from it!

(you can check the luck by standing beside it)
Multiple Well Themes!

The Super Furious Lucky Block can drop different types of wells! These will reward you either overpowered drops, or over-deadly mobs!

The beacon will be wet too!
SFLB Wells
SFLB Special Item Set
Tons of Special Drops!

This block drops tons and tons of special items, weapons and tools that are really useful for PvP and the normal Minecraft experience!

There are new staffs: Ender Staff, Warden Staff, and Wither Staff! These are powerful and can defeat any living foe. There is also a drop called Crown of Technoblade, in honor of his passing.
715 Total Drops! Updated to 1.19.1!

This block can be extremely beautiful or extremely destructive. It
contains rainbows and destruction! It's also Multiplayer compatible!

(the picture on the right is the aftermath after a blackhole was summoned by the Destruction Archon! You can see this drop by typing /function sflb_drops:destruction/blackhole. CAREFUL THOUGH!)

SFLB Blackhole Drop
SFLB Advancement Line
Has an advancement line!

This data pack has an advancement line that you can follow! This will guide you on the quirks and aspects of the data pack!
Has TWO difficult bosses!

They are the Rainbow Archon and the Destruction Archon! They are really hard! Even the toughest armor of all will be penetrated as they use magic to slay!

They have to be summoned using the altar. And if you successfully killed them, you will be rewarded with their respective singularities!

Rainbows and Destruction

  • The Rainbow Archon floats up from the block and twirls around to spawn beauty in your world!
  • Has beautiful drops that will make your world wonderful!
  • Can gift you items to beautify your world!
  • The Destruction Archon summons up from the block and strucks your world with destruction!
  • Has destructive drops that will destroy your beloved world!
  • Can gift you items to destroy your world!

Super Furious Altar
How to get the items?

  Since there are still no NBT crafting yet in 1.19.1, and I want this lucky block to be an end game item; I introduced the Super Furious Altar!
  To get the guide on how to get the altar, go to your advancements screen to see the steps! Then, once you're done, get the SF Altar Tome from the intro screen!
SF Altar
Super Furious Altar Tome
Super Furious Altar Tome

  You can see how you can achieve each craftable items in this data pack through this tome! You can hover each item to see their name and you can see their fuel requirement. It also tells you a rumor of how to summon the Rainbow and Destruction archons. Be careful using it.

Available in two languages.
[​JSON File]   [Discord: Taruyroiii#1808]

  You can force drops by doing /function sflb_drops:... and it will execute as and at yourself! CAREFUL THOUGH, SOME ARE REALLY DESTRUCTIVE!

  You can do /function sflb_main:init/intro or /reload to see the introduction page again! If you clicked any of the two tellraw-overriding icons, you will have to do /reload again!

  You can use it to your server or minigames! I would love to see projects being created using this block! Also, if you have any contact with Pat and Jen, please share this block with them! I would love them to see my work!

  If anything is broken, just contact me through PlanetMinecraft or DM me via my Discord "Taruyroiii#1808" or contact me through reddit "u/roi_john02". Leave a diamond please! Thank you all!

Terms of Use
You can:
  • Use it to your own server or minigames without my permission.
  • Use it for a YouTube video whether it is a review or a gameplay. Just credit me or provide a direct link to the PMC post.
  • Add drops on your own. You can share it with me :)
You must not:
  • Redistribute the data pack under your name.
  • Edit the data pack and claim it as your own.
  • Edit the resource pack and claim it as your own.
  • Copy the resource pack and put it in another pack that is not for personal use.
  • Link this PMC post using a monetized link. Don't use adfly or anything to monetize the link.

CreditThanks to all my friends at Discord for giving me moral support and ideas! Thanks also to Blockbench for the modeler software! I also want to thank everyone who have their skins here!
CompatibilityMinecraft 1.19

22 Update Logs

[v2.5.1] Optional Natural Generation and fixes! : by Taruyroiii 09/10/2022 4:58:41 amSep 10th, 2022

Made Natural Generation Optional
- It is available as a downloadable add-on here on the PMC Submission.
- No changes within natural generation.

- Warden Staff and Wither Staff unable to spawn due to wrong namespace.
- Sometimes, advancements are unable to be re-triggered on servers due to inability to revoke per trigger. (For special items and block placements)

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10/27/2023 9:36 am
Level 1 : New Miner
muming9527's Avatar
Hi taruyroiii,Super Furious Lucky Block doesn't seem to work on version 1.20.1, placing lucky blocks will turn into red stone lights, have you considered developing a version that supports 1.20.1?Thank you
10/16/2023 4:58 am
Level 1 : New Miner
Keyrog250's Avatar
You can update the Ninjaxx resource pack please, it's been 3 months since someone asked and so did I
09/17/2023 12:25 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
Lirian20's Avatar
for me i try all 1.19 versions and 1.20 and its says older versions or newest version and it say i dont have the ressource pack but i have the datapack and the ressource pack. so i dont know what to do
08/14/2023 11:32 am
Level 1 : New Miner
Keyrog250's Avatar
When are you going to update the Ninjaxx resource pack?
06/21/2023 10:18 am
Level 1 : New Miner
Lix's Avatar
do it work on 1.19.4
06/10/2023 10:38 am
Level 37 : Artisan Mage
Technopathic759's Avatar
The lucky blocks doesn't work

When I place it down, the lucky blocks morphs into a redstone lamp
05/27/2023 8:03 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
Crimson_Klng's Avatar
the resource pack dosnt work in the latest version its just the error textures
05/29/2023 10:17 am
Level 65 : High Grandmaster Blob
Taruyroiii's Avatar
It is not updated for 1.19.4 yet. I plan to update it to 1.20 directly (in the future).
04/17/2023 10:51 am
Level 1 : New Miner
Glebul10's Avatar
does it required optifine????
04/20/2023 11:49 pm
Level 65 : High Grandmaster Blob
Taruyroiii's Avatar
Luckily no! You can use it in vanilla Minecraft!