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Tables and Chairs V4.3 [ 1.16 + ]

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Required Resource Pack
chuckchuk avatar chuckchuk
Level 64 : High Grandmaster Gent

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Update V4.3.4

(Look at Update Notes for More Detailed Info In Versions)

  - To install:
    - Download the Datapack, and place it into your world's "datapacks" folder
    - Download the Resourcepack:
     - Singleplayer:
      - Place it into your resourcepack folder
      - (In game go to [ Options > Resource Packs > Open Pack Folder])
     - For servers:
      - Use this link as the server-resourcepack-link:
       < github.com/Chuckchuk/Chuck-RP/releases/latest/download/Chuck-RP.zip >

      - (It will always automatically update too)



Tables and Chairs V4.3  [ 1.16 + ] Minecraft Data Pack

Furniture Hammer:
Tables and Chairs V4.3  [ 1.16 + ] Minecraft Data Pack

Place all the following materials in a Sawmill to create Tables and Chairs Like So:Tables and Chairs V4.3  [ 1.16 + ] Minecraft Data Pack
  • Oak Planks
  • Spruce Planks
  • Birch Planks
  • Jungle Planks
  • Acacia Planks
  • Dark Oak Planks
  • Crimson Planks
  • Warped Planks
  • Obsidian
  • Block of Quartz
  • Polished Blackstone
  - Throne Only:
  • Iron Block
  • Gold Block
  • Diamond Block
  • Netherite Block


Place the Tables and Chairs by simply right clicking them onto the floor.

You can place items on the tables by right clicking them with:

 - Carpet places a mantel over the table
  - (Shift Right Clicking places the carpet itself now)
 - Light sources such as torches, lanterns, or end_rods to be placed on the table
  - (Can be placed inside Candelabras)

 - Ingots/diamonds to create candelabras of that type
 - Item Frames for an Invisible Item Frame
  - (Shift Right Click to create a Visible Item Frame)
  - Hold an item frame near a table to show particles over Invisible Item Frames
- Ink and Quill
  - Place an Ink_Sac on a table for an inkwell
  - Place a feather on a table with an inkwell to create ink and quill
  - Each Rotate depending on the direction you're facing

You can place carpet under chairs and thrones to place a cushion on them
 - (Shift Right Clicking carpet under a chair will now keep the carpet instead of placing a cushion)


Players with Op privileges can Move chairs in half-block increments by using this command next to a chair:
  /function tac:chair/move/forward
  /function tac:chair/move/backwards
  /function tac:chair/move/left
  /function tac:chair/move/right
This will allow you to make chairs that look like they're tucked under the table, or chairs that are centered on even-sized tables

Punching a chair while Shifting will move the chair in the direction you're facing, but will stop at walls and will come back out when already pushed into a table.


 In V4.2.0 There are now "Mob Trophies" that can be placed on tables
  - Only way to currently obtain these trophies is with the commands:
    - /loot give @s loot mob_trophy:silverfish
    - /loot give @s loot mob_trophy:creeper
    - /loot give @s loot mob_trophy:enderman
  - Place them on a table by right clicking them on a table, and then you can put ANY colored glass block on to make a glass case


To Break Tables:

  - Hit the top of the table until it breaks (Break easier with Axes)
  - The items will drop from it, including the table cloth, and the table itself.
To Break Chairs:
  - Hit the chair 2 (or more) times to break them.
  - Use a Furniture Hammer to break multiple at once (More on this below)
  - The cushions will drop from the chairs, as well as the chairs themselves.

Furniture Hammer:
Right click tables with a furniture hammer in hand to cycle through the different shapes that each table has to offer!
  - 4 Leg Tables:
    - Cycle 0: 4 Legs
    - Cycle 1: 2 Legs (closest to you)
    - Cycle 2: 1 Leg (In the Diagonal you are facing)
    - Cycle 3: 0 Legs
  - 1 Leg Tables (Basic):
    - Cycle 0: 1 Middle Leg
    - Cycle 1: Leg moves closer to you
    - Cycle 2: Leg moves to the edge and is split in half (For walls or to be used with another of the same type in the opposite direction)
    - Cycle 3: No leg
  - 1 Leg Tables (Carved):
    - DEPENDS! They each have pretty unique cycles, try them out and see what you can get!

Hit Chairs with a Furniture Hammer to use a sweep attack that will take out up to 5 chairs at once.

Texture Pack Compatible:
This datapack is compatible with any other resourcepack! Just make sure that the "Chuck's Resource Pack" is at the top priority on the resourcepack list.

Updating from V3 to V4:   
To update the tables and chairs simply break the V3 chairs/tables and replace them.
Make sure to disable V3.0 first

If you want to keep both types, you can simply leave both resourcepacks on at the same time and keep the old tables/chairs in tact
 - The only exception is the "jungle tables/chairs" from V3 that would break visually

Having optifine installed will now hide the pig saddles from the chairs, without impacting any other textures whatsoever.

If you do not have optifine installed you will see pig saddles beneath the chairs (and are also visible in chair variants that have holes on them) But everything else works perfectly well without optifine!

Some Known Problems:
  1. Datapacks Don't seem to work well with the "Fabric" mod. Though some people have it working! So I'm not sure
  2. Haven't checked in a while, but on servers there might be some datapack issues with multiverse mods
  3. Some other datapacks are poorly made and give you all advancements/recipes, those datapacks will make it so you keep on getting furniture hammers and sawmills.
  4. Some big texturepacks (like dokucraft) do something weird with their "Shulkerbox" texture, so the seat cushions will sometimes still apear to be 16x16 vanilla textures.

  - Apparently there's a funny glitch that can have your seats moving, I'm going to keep it in for the time being though.

Notes to the fans:
  I really hope you all enjoy this new version! The old version is available below still if you prefer the older more intricate models.
  This update took me about three months to create, as it was from the ground up and tried to make SURE it was clean all the way through, plus all the many many models I had to create, and re-create. The new world I created to playtest the stuff alone has 5.12 days of playtime on it, I have really wanted to make an update for everyone who enjoys this pack, and I especially wanted to thank all those loyal to this pack for the last 2 years. To you all, I hope you enjoy this new update to the fullest! I may be adding small little things in the future, and pushing bug fixes for the next few months, but I think this will be the last large update for this pack.
  Some Future update thoughts:
    - 1.17 Copper Tables/Chairs
    - 1.17 Candle Placement on Tables
    - More items for the tables (plates, quills, paper, books, etc)
      + Added item_frames in 4.1.0
      + Added mob trophies in 4.2.0
    - A way to move the chairs without commands
      + Added in 4.3.0

Interactive Tables and Chairs V3.2.0 and Earlier [1.14]
GET VERSION 3.3.0 HERE: [​For 1.14]
V3.3.0 <-----HERE

Create and Place Tables and Chairs into your Minecraft world with this datapack! Very simple to install, and uses innovative techniques to make it as fluid and natural as currently possible with datapacks! You can also Place any type of wool color onto your tables or chairs.

SERVER RESOURCEPACK LINK: www.dropbox.com/s/peyjbs4031293pb/Chuck%20RP%20V5.4.zip?dl=1

Version 2.0.1 (1.13 compatible)
Download HERE.

The Version is compatible with versions 1.13 only

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Wattles Showcase

Join the MCDatapacks Discord: Discord Link
- We Also Take Datapack Comissions


[L] = Slab
[S] = Stair
[F] = Fence
[B] = Block (Gold or Quartz or Obsidian) (Obsidian is V3.0 + only)
[P] = Pillar
[e] = empty/air

Crafting Tables:

Tables: (Any Wood Type)

Marble Table: (Quartz)

-V3.0 --------------------------------------
Obsidian Table:

Crafting Chairs:

Chairs: (Any Wood Type)

Fancy Chairs: (Any Wood Type)

Thrones: (Quartz and Gold and Obsidian)

-V3.0 --------------------------------------
Chairs: (Marble and Obsidian)

Furniture Hammer:

The Furniture Hammer allows you to change the shape of tables by right clicking on them when you have the furniture hammer in your hand. The table will change shape depending on what type of table it is, and what direction you are facing.

[S] = Stick
[II] = Iron Ingot

Crafting the Furniture Hammer:



To place your tables and chairs, simply right click them onto any ground or surface.

Placing Wool on Tables:     Shift-Right click on a table with a carpet to place a carpet
Placing Torch on Tables:    Right click a table with a Torch to create a standing torch.
Placing a Candelabra:      Right click a table with an iron or gold ingot.
Change Table Shape:      Right click a table with a Furniture Hammer to change shape.

Placing Wool on Chairs:     Right click a carpet on the surface underneath the chair.


To remove Tables or Chairs, just break them with your fist.

To remove a table:       Break the table with your fist or Axe (or Pickaxe if it's a Marble Table)

To remove a chair:       Punch the chair 2-3 times in a row. A Furniture Hammer can be used as well.

The Configuration allows for two types of sitting:
  /function tables_chairs:config/sit/custom     
   - Sit by Shifting on a chair
   - Get off by Shifting

  /function tables_chairs:config/sit/pigseat    
   - Sit by right clicking a chair
   - Get out by Shifting

To Download, simply unzip the file you downloaded. Place the Resourcepack into your resourcepack folder, and the Datapack into the datapack folder of your world file.

It's as easy as that!

**Copy that link and put it into your server resourcepack section, in the "server.properties" file**

- The resourcepack also works with my Interactive Bookshelves Pack.

    (Just make sure you're using the most recent Resourcepack)

- If you're on a server, you might want to enforce a server resourcepack, or tell everyone to manually install the resourcepack.
CreditChuckchuk, TheWii, Domain2Genus, TheSaltyPug, RedstoneGamez
CompatibilityMinecraft 1.16
toMinecraft 1.17

8 Update Logs

Update V4.3 : by chuckchuk 04/22/2021 4:53:01 pmApr 22nd, 2021

Update V4.3.4 (April 22)

 - Added Carved Blackstone Chair
 - Added a Lore Description for Carved Variants
  - Now Carved Variants describe how they're unique per-material

 - Tables and Chairs are Placed Quicker and cleaner than before
  - Placed 1 tick quicker
  - No longer display a Oak Chair or Oak Table Top for a split second when placing them

Patch V4.3.3 (April 21)

- Fixed a very simple error in tac:table/item/remove_tag_hand where a space was missing

Patch V4.3.2 (April 11)
- Introduced a fix to a bug that could send you to the void while sitting on a chair. That is no longer possible.

Update V4.3.1 (April 10)

  - Added Inkwell (Place an Ink Sac on table)
  - Added Ink and Quill (Place a feather on a table with an inkwell)
  - Now you can rotate some items on tables depending on the direction you're facing when you place the item.

  - Spam clicking a table with an item will no longer place/drop the item after the first time placed, if it's the same material.

Update V4.3.0 (April 6)

 - Push Chairs in Survival!!
  - Now you can push chairs while in survival by shifting and punching a chair.
  - You can push chairs 0.5 blocks
    - This can allow you to center a chair on a 2-block table for example
    - Or tuck a chair into a table.
  - Chairs which have their path blocked will not move
  - Chairs that are tucked into tables that are pushed further into the table will instead come out backwards towards you. (Untuck)
  - Just a few minor fixes here n' there

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will this work on bedrock edition?
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01/25/2022 11:53 am
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also make it so that you can place a flower vase of pot
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you should make it so that with the ink and quill you can use paper on it and draw/write
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I can't craft the sawmill ;-;
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how do we make the torch holders?
12/03/2021 6:07 pm
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Right click on the table with an Iron, Gold, Diamond, or Netherite ingot to make the candelabra, then shift-click with a torch to put it in.
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Thank you for replying!
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newer versions of minecraft that is
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could you please update it for newer versions so i can use it, please
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