Tardis Mod 1.4 Classic Interior - Old Girl Edition - Datapack

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Another rather simple Datapack which contains a Classic Doctor Who inspired interior for the console room and requires the New Tardis mod 1.4+. Once again, credit must be fired in the direction of the New Tardis Mod team!

New Tardis Mod 1.4+ Datapack - Classic Inspired Interior - Old Girl Edition

Note: This is not intended to be a "canon" interior to replicate those shown in the classic era - it simply draws on their 'confined' console room and white interior as inspiration. In comparison to the console room in the show from 2005 onward, the classic was not multi-level and much more 'enclosed'.

However, if you just want the feel of a pre-2005 console room - this is my contribution to the few I have seen out there ;-)

It really is not a complex build. One level comprising the console room itself and then a single corridor leading to the ARS structure block 30 blocks away to the north (as per NTM requirements for crafting console rooms), with two small chambers off to either side.

The first chamber is the Tardis Engine, into which you place your components. A few bits of wall decor are included to liven up an otherwise empty chamber and metal grate flooring in contrast to the alabaster you find in other areas of this interior.

The second chamber is a bedroom, complete with a bed. Somewhere for the weary traveller to hang up his/her fez and relax for a while during a stabilised flight. I've put in some decoration to liven up the surroundings a little bit but, by all means, customise it as you see fit - or repurpose it completely! After all, it's your Tardis!

In the main console room, I've added numerous pieces of decor for eye candy - most of which have no impact on the operation of your timeship at all. The main items that do have a function are the Tardis door, main centre console, monitor and the waypoint databank. I've included the latter so you can store your favourite co-ordinates (through the monitor GUI), but a single databank can only store a few waypoints. If nothing else, it gets you started!

If you like this console room interior, then please check out my Steam Reforged Thermic Edition download too! Available here.

I'm making these rooms for a bit of fun and relaxation.

If you like them and want more choice for your Tardis console room, then I would highly recommend the designs put out there by ILikePandas and TheSherriff1999 - their builds are AMAZING!


Reminder - you need the New Tardis Mod v1.4+ for MC 1.14.4 to use this data pack.


How to use:

Do not unzip the file. Just drop the ZIP archive into the Datapack folder under your save directory (World folder on servers)

Note: On servers, the client DOES NOT need this data pack. Install it on the server and restart.


-- Thadiun (Sept 2020)
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