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Team Battle v1.4 (Spirit Warrior) (Please read desc !!!) (Huge Update !!!)

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RkeyCap avatar RkeyCap
Level 24 : Expert Engineer
I introduce to you guys Team Battle ( Spirit Warrior )
this datapack was inspired by Team Fortress 2 and many other games
this datapack took me 6 weeks to make it done
I think this datapack it still very buggy, report bugs in chat or at discord RkeyCap#3269
This is a map not datapack, I will code in datapack soon

You have 11 Warrior to choose:
-Arthur (Knight/King)
-Falcon (Sniper)
-Cupid (Medic)
-Shadowrath (Ninja)
-Juggernaut (Tanker/Juggerknight)
-Sapper (Engineer/Builder)
-Summoner (Necromancer)
-Pigeon (Scout)
-Doppelganger (Spy/Shapeshifter)
-Blackbeard (Pirate)
-Kongqi (Shaolin)

Each Warrior have their own special abilities:
-Arthur (tradtional pvp)
-Falcon (can shoot far, regenerate health all the times)
-Cupid (heal teammates and make enemy slow and weakness)
-Shadowrath (invisible when sneak, fast and high jump)
-Juggernaut (slow but strong)
-Sapper (crafting to win)
-Summoner (summon skeleton and fangs)
-Pigeon (can use enderpearl, show enemy location)
-Doppelganger (disguise as enemy, faking enemy team)
-Blackbeard (slow but strong, shooting firework)
-Kongqi (fast like air, meditation/sneak to learn skills)

How to play Arthur, Falcon, Cupid, Juggernaut, Blackbeard (Basic Warrior):
Basic Warrior

  -traditional sword, bow pvp
  -keep a distance from enemy and shoot obsidian dart on them
  -heal for yourself or heal your teammates or heal your enemies
  -shoot arrow to make target weaker, slower
  -traditional axe pvp
  -strong but slow
  -traditional sword, crossbow pvp
  -put firework rocket in your offhand to shot firework
  -drink rum to be stronger

How to play Shadowrath, Sapper, Summoner, Pigeon, Doppelganger, Kongqi (Advanced Warrior):
Team Battle v1.4 (Spirit Warrior) (Please read desc !!!) (Huge Update !!!) Minecraft Data Pack

  -parkour is much easier
  -sneak to invisible
  -you don't need armor, just use your katana
  -run and jump sneak can make you invisible while running
  -generate resources in lobby so when battle is started you can crafting with all your resources
  -don't attack, just defense until you grind diamond sword and shield
  -sneak for 1 second while holding blast furnace will generate iron
  -sneak for 1 second while holding grindstone will generate infested stone and stone
  -sneak for 2 second while holding a fletching table will generate string, redstone torch, leather
  -sneak for 1 second while holding a lava bucket will generate firework star, blaze powder
  -drop 1 firework star and 1 blaze powder to craft firing engine
  -drop 3 infested stone, stone together to craft the cutting Machine
  -sneak for 2 second while holding a cutting machine will generate wood, cobblestone
  -drop 2 string to craft 3 electric cobweb
  -drop 2 cobblestone and firing engine to craft shooting engine
  -drop 1 wood and 1 leather to craft crafting table
  -drop 1 shooting engine and 1 iron to craft turret
  -drop 1 wood and 1 string to craft trampoline
  -drop 1 crafting table and 3 iron to craft weapons generator
  -hold weapons generator and sneak for 40 second you will get OP weapons (after 40s it's will break)
  -run and jump sneak can summon skeleton while running
  -sneak while holding a bone for 10 second, you will summon a skeleton
  -sneak while holding a wither rose for 15 second, you will summon a wither skeleton
  -hold right click with a carrot on stick for 1.5 second will summon a fangs
  -can go alone safely
  -throw a snowball to show random enemy location
  -shoot a spectral arrow to enemy, it will show enemy location
  -eat gappels when dangerous
  -defense first, attack later
  -use a stick as a sword
  -sneak while offhand is holding kung fu scroll will give you level
  -level 15 will get strength if swapping a stick from offhand to mainhand
  -level 20 will get forever strength no need to swapping from offhand to mainhand anymore
  -level 25 will get forever regeneration
  -level 35 will get forever regeneration 2 and resistance 2
  -eat suspicious stew to faking enemies team
  -drink milk to unfake
  -use a disguise book to disguise as Arthur, Summoner, Juggernaut

Player Commands:
-/trigger leaveMatch to leave match

How to be a Host:
-/tag {yourname} add host
to be a host
-/trigger startMatch to start match
when to match is started, choose map to play and choose your warrior
-/tag {boringplayer} add noplay
to mark that player not joining the match
-/trigger clearDesertDunes to clear sapper and summoner mess in the desert dunes
-/trigger clearDoomsday to clear sapper and summoner mess in the doomsday
-/trigger clearWildWoods to clear sapper and summoner mess in wild woods

Play with friends ?:
-This game requires 2 players or more than that
-You can open to lan if your friends at your house
-You can make a free server in Aternos
-You and your friends can download Essential Mod to play with each other
The multiplayer will be little bit lag because this datapack have alot's of process.
I recommended using 4GB Ram, good cpu, disk 1GB for the server
Also don't put this map on your SMP or Main Server, if you want to play this map, then create another server only for this map don't put on your main server!

-Fixed alot's of bug
-Added blindfold to Doppelganger
-Added training room !
-Renew lobby room
-Fix match starting problem
-Fix lag problem

Future Updates:
-team selector
-game settings
-build a better map
-convert the into a datapack
-add more functional in hollyshit book for doppelganger

also sorry for my bad england :))))
CreditRkeycap the wise, my cousins, Lllmao123, Ryanhoang, Tuanvu1211
CompatibilityMinecraft 1.16
toMinecraft 1.19

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