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Terrarius Boss Data Pack (Add a new boss to your world)

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Required Resource Pack
Neshokku avatar Neshokku
Level 21 : Expert System
Warning: I am not responsible for possible stress attacks, due to the insane difficulty of the bossfight.


Before the Ender Dragon, or even the Wither. Ancient humans were afraid of another entity, called Terrarius. An extremely powerful monster, whose destructive power was unimaginable. Terrarius roamed the earth, searching for humans, killing them to send them underground, and thus feed on their energy. The humans made a plan to eliminate him. They couldn't forcefully defeat him, so they used the most powerful magic they knew, and banished him to an interdimensional prison called "Limbo". But Terrarius did not leave completely, it was impossible to contain all his power, even in "Limbo", so most of his power was fractured, and left in the Overworld in the form of small monsters called "MiniTerras". MiniTerras have no intelligence, and they are far from Terrarius original power, but they hide a secret, a trophy that works as a key to "Limbo". If used correctly, Terrarius can be summoned, but be careful, even if he is weakened, and his power did not reach even 1% of his original power, it is still extremely dangerous. But if you beat him, he will return to "Limbo", and will leave a reward for you.

How to obtain Earth's Trophy:

MiniTerras appear in deserts, have a small chance to drop the Earth's Trophy upon death.


Just put the Earth's Trophy on a Chiseled Sandstone Block, and the summoning sequence will start.


-Earth's Axe: Holding it in your offhand will give you an extra bar of life, in addition to the resistance and regeneration effect.

-Armor: It will drop a random piece of unbreakable diamond armor, it can be transformed into Netherite and kept unbreakable

Tips (Totally necessary for battle, do not ignore):

-Have a bucket of water handy (trust me, you'll need it)

-Have a pick and shovel in your inventory (This is necessary unless you want to suffocate)

-Shield (Not as necessary, but the boss does a lot of damage with hits and it is more comfortable to block them than to dodge them)

-The boss is immune to arrows, a bow will do nothing but take up space.

-Have fun! Don't get so frustrated, beating Terrarius is a matter of practice, almost all attacks can be predicted, since the boss has some particle effects for each of the attacks.

Secondary data:

-Multiplayer Compatible
-Requires a Resourcepack

Useful Commands:

/function tdp:give_trophy : to obtain Earth's Trophy

/function tdp:give_miniterra_egg : To obtain Miniterra's spawn egg


When enraging, Terrarius will let escape the souls of some ancient humans, killed by him. These souls will try to weaken you by absorbing your vital energy. Do not touch them!!!!

CreditNeshokku(Creator), Mathibros(Tester), DavL0L(Tester)
CompatibilityMinecraft 1.16
toMinecraft 1.17

6 Update Logs

v1.4.3 : 02/26/2021 2:31:09 pmFeb 26th

-Fixed Bugs.

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01/04/2021 2:52 pm
Level 3 : Apprentice Miner
Minecraft4500 avatar
when i spawn it in it dose not appear
02/03/2021 11:37 am
Level 21 : Expert System
Neshokku avatar
The summoning animation appears? Or doesn't do nothing?
11/25/2020 1:38 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
adam1972 avatar
If I put this on my server... What happens if the players chicken out and run? Does he wander around indefinitely or go away after a period of time?
12/25/2020 5:00 pm
Level 21 : Expert System
Neshokku avatar
If they do that, the boss will hang around indefinitely until someone kills him, but he won't do any damage to his surroundings unless there are players nearby.
10/19/2020 7:21 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
AR27404 avatar
i have a problem where I did a function and now i have armor stands floating above my head and i also destroy the blocks around me, do you know any way to remove this. also is there a way to disable the teleport feature of his enrage as it doesn't work with my arena. other that that this is a fantastic boss
10/19/2020 8:21 pm
Level 21 : Expert System
Neshokku avatar
Anyway, check your tags with /tag @s list, you may have a terrarius tag.
10/19/2020 8:09 pm
Level 21 : Expert System
Neshokku avatar
Oh, Can you tell me what function did you used?
10/19/2020 8:20 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
AR27404 avatar
im not sure which function thats why im trying to figure out how to stop it
10/19/2020 8:32 pm
Level 21 : Expert System
Neshokku avatar
Try to use:

/tag remove @s terrarius


/tag remove @s terrariusenraged

Probably you used the function tdp:terrariusstun4 and the datapack tagged you as terrarius
10/18/2020 1:02 pm
Level 45 : Master Architect
Hoponopono avatar
Planet Minecraft


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