TF2 Spells for Minecraft 1.16.3

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                    avatar Piky321
                    Level 11 : Journeyman Miner
                    Ever been playing the TF2 Scream Fortress events and wanted to have those in Minecraft. Fear not my friend, because I have added the 7 common spells from Scream Fortress.

                    To obtain this cursed wizardry, you need to kill an Enderman or Witch to obtain a spell. Lets go over the different kinds of spells; the 7 spells are:

                      • Shadow Leap: Throws an ender pearl like shadow ball that teleports you to its ending position
                      • Fireball: Shoots a 10 damage fireball that flies in a straight line
                      • Blast Jump: Blasts you upward around 20 blocks
                      • Overheal: 2 seconds of invincibility, with fast regeneration and absorption
                      • Bat Swarm: Sends a fleet of bats to tear and rise your enemies, sends the opponent around 15 blocks up
                      • Pumpkin MIRV: Hurls a cursed bomb that breaks into 6 pumpkin bombs that do 15 damage
                      • Stealth: Makes you invisible for 8 seconds

                    After obtaining a spell, one can do many things with it. To cast a spell, use the swap to offhand key to repeat the words of the Demoman and cast the held spell. When spells are on the ground, they display as books, and when you throw one of these spells onto a monster spawner, it becomes a Spell Spawner. Spell Spawners spawn spells every 10 seconds and do not spawn spells when a spell is on that spawner. When you combine every spell spawn egg together you can make a random Spell Spawner, which gives you random spells like chests and endermen.

                    • Multiplayer compatible
                    • Survival compatible
                    • Map making tools
                    • Survival spawner tools
                    • Demoman voicelines!

                    • No rare spells
                    • Particle lag

                      Footnote: I consider this fall based because of its relation to TF2's fall based event. I want people to use this to make fall based maps and survival games, so I believe that it fits.
                    CreditEntire Command Discord, Mcstacker, and AncientKingg from the Commands Discord
                    CompatibilityMinecraft 1.16
                    toMinecraft 1.17 Snapshot

                    10/19/2020 11:53 pm
                    Level 1 : New Crafter
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