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New in Town: Dimensions Expansion Data Pack | Pre-Release for the Settler's Experience

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kanokarob avatar kanokarob
Level 68 : High Grandmaster Programmer
New in Town: Dimensions Expansion Data Pack | Pre-Release for the Settler's Experience Minecraft Data Pack

New in Town: Dimensions is an expansion pack for the popular base New in Town data pack, a multi-stage, story-driven, settler's experience.

This expansion, in pre-release status, serves as a glimpse into the content you can expect to continue the story of New in Town, however, it is provided as a stand-alone experience. You do not need to have the New in Town data pack installed to explore these dimensions. However, the fleet and mine building experiences are only accessible with the base pack installed.

Accessing the Dimensions
Access to the dimensions provided by this New in Town Expansion is not done by the traditional manner of building a portal. Instead, a mysterious portal will open for you when you kill a Phantom in the Overworld using a Spectral Arrow. When you step into the water of the portal (in survival mode), you will be taken to the In Between. If you are playing with the original New in Town data pack, you can also utilize the Mysterious Portal structure for your settlement, the recipe for which can be found in the Mayor's Office.

The In Between
The In Between, as the name might imply, serves as the bridge between the Overworld and the other dimensions included in this data pack. All across the floating islands of the In Between, you will find existing Mysterious Portals. Entering these will take you to one of the three other dimensions: the Primordial Desert, the Buried Ocean, or the Tempest. There is no way to tell which world the portal will take you to until you step through, but once you do, that portal will always take you to that same place in the same dimension.

New in Town: Dimensions Expansion Data Pack | Pre-Release for the Settler's Experience Minecraft Data Pack
New in Town: Dimensions Expansion Data Pack | Pre-Release for the Settler's Experience Minecraft Data Pack

The In Between is a peaceful world, populated mostly by sheep and llamas. In the Sparkling Glacier biome, Polar Bears may take up residence in the ruined towns that generate there. The Battlefield biome may look hostile, but the gravestones are long-forgotten, and only Mooshrooms walk among the Wither Roses. However, you may still stumble upon the ruins of Nether machines like the Ancient Drill, utilized by the Tyrant in his invasion of the End during the story of New in Town.

Also in the In Between, you will occasionally find the ruins of towns, composed of structures that might be built with the New in Town data pack. They are long abandoned, but some chests there contain Stone, Oak Logs, Gold Ingots, and very rarely, the Building Permits used in settlement construction in the settler's experience data pack.

The Primordial Desert
The Primordial Desert is a harsh and hostile world, a seemingly endless desert peppered with pockets of peace and danger, hundreds of blocks apart. The Oasis biomes are small, and the only place to find water in this ultrawarm dimension where Hoglins do not zombify as they roam the warm sands. Volcanic cave biomes dwell under the surface, flooded with lava deltas and their magma chambers guarded by Blazes. Diamonds and Emeralds generate more commonly in the volcanic zones, sometimes even nearing the surface, though in smaller deposits. You must be careful mining here, though, as in the whole dimension, silverfish and deposits of infested stone are common occurrences.

Most notably, the Primordial Desert is an exceptional location to mine in, featuring a maximum world depth of -128, with the surface terrain leveling out at about Y=72.

Piglins have carved out a home for themselves all across the Primordial Desert, hunkering down beneath the sands. These advanced Piglins have cooks, stonecutters, and gold mines, but they guard their homes fiercely. If you can manage the Piglin Brutes, these settlements may prove to be allied respite from the Husks of the night.

Dotting the landscape between the Piglin Settlements are a variety of mysterious and dangerous structures. Mirages may lead you astray from your path, promising shade and cool from the warm desert, but providing only deceit. Strange formations of stones seem peculiarly placed in the sand, their intricate shapes tempting you with unknown treasures. Illager Obelisks tease a story of cruel experimentation, and the ancient past is uncovered with vast riches in the Pharaoh's Tomb.

The Buried Ocean
The majority of the Buried Ocean is flooded with dark seas, where fish and Squids may swim, but Drowned as well. Due to the low light level across this world, the high ceilings and low, flooded caves beneath the seafloor, Drowned make up the majority of hostile mobs, and thanks to this, the odds of encountering one or more trident-wielders is extreme. The obsidian pillars which float at the water's surface may allow skeletons, spiders, and creepers to spawn as well, but they will be largely relegated to the different landmasses which generate in the Buried Ocean, with hundreds of blocks of water between them.

Biomes like the Mystic Roughs may look to be a welcome escape from the cold oceans, but even they present their own dangers. Should you find the Mushroom Forest or Verdant Grove, you might be safe, but these biomes provide little reward outside of comfort, and even that can be challenged by neighboring biomes and the hostile mobs which spawn at the borders.

The Chandeliers that hang over the Deep Dark Sea are filled with Illagers, dark wizards who are researching the inherent magic of the Buried Ocean. Their loot can be grand, but is heavily guarded not only by Pillagers, but also Evokers and, rarely, an Illusioner.

Ghost Ships can be found in any sea biome, haunting among the other shipwrecks found commonly here. The Ghost Ship is populated by more powerful Strays, and carries loot that could help in the construction of a Conduit among the ghostly remains of the vessel and her crew.

The Ancient Sea is an endgame biome, dotted with Dark Prismarine Brick pillars, as though to keep something inside the deeper biome. The ruins of Conduits can be found in any sea biome, but appear more commonly here, and with a greater chance of being completed, however this entire seascape is patrolled by Guardians. If that wasn't enough, the Ancient Tower rises out from the floor of the Ancient Sea, sometimes stretching all the way to the ceiling of the Buried Ocean, as though to hold it up.

The Tempest
This dimension is cursed with an eternal storm, with rain and snow falling from the sky in every biome, and thunder crashing frequently as lightning strikes the earth. Due to the volatility and high electricity in the air, every Creeper of the Tempest is immediately and constantly charged, and Phantoms grow greatly in size, spawning naturally in any biome that does not have a forest.

In the Lightning Fields, the frequent lightning strikes have created floating magnetites, drawing iron, redstone, and gold ore to the surface and into the air, hovering over the brown fields where livestock and undead tread. In colder biomes, the snow has begun to pile and settle so much that drifts of hardened snow generate, and a barrage of hail threatens to injure any survivalists that would choose to venture out from under the protective leaves (simulated by poison). In the Foreboding Wood, traveling above the canopy is discouraged by haunting spirits.

The Lightning Fields, being one of the more common biomes, are important locales to traverse even for the native Illagers. Here, you can find their abandoned towns, as well as the Illager Railways! These systems of rails carrying locomotives and cars full of ore, passengers, and prisoners between stations don't have too much in the way of loot, but the Pillagers there will guard it nontheless!

Due to the constant rainfall, water has collected and congealed into slimy reservoirs, where an elemental battle of wet and warm has been waged. Slimes and Magma Cubes spawn here, largely sticking to their respective territories.

Stockpiles have also been curiously arranged throughout the world. These reserves of gunpowder have been hardened into concrete by the torrential downpour. However, these biomes are still guarded by Pillagers, and charged Creepers will spawn more naturally here, among the powders of their fallen kind.

In the Glacial Wall biomes, the Ice Castle can be found very rarely. Although empty for now, it will soon serve as a significant challenge to overcome and claim valuable loot!

If you're playing with the original New in Town, you can also now enjoy and test early versions of the structure-building expansions coming to these dimensions! See below for what is currently included (no tutorials yet, unfortunately. You will have to explore on your own or ask for help in the Discord until closer to the full release!).

Seafarers | The Fleet-sailing expansion
If you've played the original New in Town, you may be familiar with the non-functional Fleet Manifest sold by the Mayor. Now, that charter book will become functional with both New in Town and the Dimensions Expansion installed! Head for the Buried Ocean dimension and use the Fleet Manifest while in water (the Deep Dark Sea or Pristine Sea biomes are the most recommended) and the Captain's Ship will be constructed around you!

The Ship Planners for adding more ships to your fleet function in the same way as Site Planners, positioned diagonally at the ends of your vessel's gangplanks. The First Mate can sell you the Seafarer Ship Recipes book for a single feather, as well as turn your Stripped Oak Logs and White Wool into Prepared Ship Hulls, used for every recipe in the same way a Building Permit is done for your town. You will also need to use wool of various colors for the various sails, and may need resources from other dimensions. Please feel free to provide feedback on these recipes and ships, as well as suggest new ships for this expansion, in our Discord server!

There is not currently much logged information for Seafarers or Excavators (below), but as you expand your fleet, you may come across the Illager Galleon and, in time, begin to uncover the dark secrets that the Illagers are trying to work towards, culminating in a unique and challenging boss battle!

Excavators | The Mining Expansion
In addition to the Fleet Manifest, you can also purchase the Excavation Lease from the Mayor to begin a mine in the Primordial Desert! Use this new charter book to establish a lift down below the sands. Expand your mine with all kinds of functional shafts and drills, uncover buried artifacts and perform research to restore them to their former glory, and uncover the secrets of the Illagers' intentions in this harsh dimension.

New in Town: Dimensions features the following:
  • Multiplayer compatibility; each player can open one portal to the In Between and travel amongst the different dimensions
  • Four new and unique dimensions, as well as a peculiar method of traveling between them
  • Play with or without the original New in Town; this pack is compatible with it, but independent
  • A large and growing variety of naturally-generating structures, with varying complexities
  • Room to grow; more structures, natural features, and story beats may be added in the future
  • And more!
Please note that everything provided in this Pre-Release for New in Town: Dimensions is subject to change. However, your feedback is greatly appreciated, so please get involved in making these new dimensions as great as they can be for the future of the settler's experience!

We have a Discord!
Our growing community now has a Discord server, where you are free to discuss with other New in Town players about all things Minecraft, report bugs, and share suggestions for the future of the settler's experience! Come take a look!
CompatibilityMinecraft 1.19

16 Update Logs

Update 0.3 | The 1.19+ Update : by kanokarob 11/04/2022 11:07:04 amNov 4th

  • Updated to 1.19
  • Added a new pack.png cover, featuring the new Dimensions logo.
  • Cleaned up code to match base New in Town standards.
  • Made items loot-table driven.
  • Replaced actionbar announcements with chats.
  • Updated to Smithed conventions.
  • Added sound effects and particles when building ships/mining rigs.
  • Replaced all uses of Structure Blocks with the /place command.
  • Optimized the randomization of biome-specific trades.
  • You can now search for New in Town: Dimensions structures with /locate structure nitdim:<dimension>/<structure>. You can also use the command /locate structure #nitdim:illager_structures to find specifically structures that are populated by illagers in the dimension you are in, which currently only includes the Buried Ocean's Chandelier, the Primordial Desert's Obelisk, and the Tempest's Railways and Ice Castles.
  • Fixed, improved, streamlined, and optimized the portal logic. Also changed the sound effect to a more traditional portal sound.
In Between:
  • Removed the Wooded Hills biome, since they were never really hilly compared to the Woolen Woods anyway.
  • Removed the Beach and Outskirts biomes, to highlight the diversity and wonder of the base 4.
  • Added the Cherry Woods, a pretty biome filled with Cherry Trees with long roots, populated by Frogs.
  • Redistributed biomes a bit.
Buried Ocean:
  • Removed the following biomes: Continental Shelf, Dark Sea, Mystic Shelf, Ancient Sea Edge, and Sandbar. Most of these biomes were used for terrain transitions between land biomes and surrounding sea biomes, however this update greatly blurs the lines between both. See below.
  • Also removed the Crawling Caverns, since it as a biome suffered the most from the removal of landmass biomes.
  • All biomes have undersea features and land features, with landmasses now appearing as floating islands or cliffs that stretch from the ceiling. This is due to the new way terrain works in 1.19, but we're taking it in stride with many changes listed below.
  • Added land features to the Pristine Sea. These include piles of Quartz Blocks, similar to those found on the seafloor, as well as Amethyst Blocks and, rarely, Raw Gold Blocks.
  • Added Corals and Sea Pickles to the Pristine Sea.
  • Added better Kelp and Seagrass to the Verdant Grove's underwater areas, as well as Sea Pickles.
  • Changed the trees and vegetation found in the Verdant Grove.
  • Added natural Floater Islands to the Verdant Grove, which sit at the ocean's surface.
  • Reduced the quantity of trees found in the Mystic Roughs, and changed the tree shape.
  • Added an "Amethyst Reef" to the Mystic Roughs' seafloor.
  • The Mushroom Islets biome has been renamed to Mushroom Forest, and now features Mushroom Bubbles and tall fossilized Mushroom trees on the seafloor. The bulbs of red or brown Mushroom Blocks are filled with Soul Sand, Soul Soil, and small amounts of Nether Wart.
  • Changed the shape of Giant Mushrooms on the Mushroom Forest's landmasses
  • Added Sea Lanterns and small water pools to land areas of the Ancient Sea.
  • Added the Boiling Sea biome. This treacherous biome has a significant smattering of Magma Blocks on the seafloor, making it tricky or even dangerous to traverse by boat or swimming. Basalt Pillars as well as active lavafalls descend from the ceiling of this biome, and the land areas are covered with yet more Magma Blocks and Lava deltas. This biome is home to very little life, however braving the native Ghasts and difficult land-and-sea may prove fruitful, as the ceiling is dotted with growths of exposed Deepslate Diamond Ore.
  • Reduced the size of normal Geodes and reduced their range in the upper and lower sections of the Buried Ocean.
  • Changed the Pirate Spawning mechanic. Pirates will now actually spawn on your ships rather than in the water, and always one on every ship.
  • Improved the sponge-water-clearing in the Illager Galleon and Illager Lab.
Primordial Desert:
  • Removed the Canyon and Dunes biome, since terrain variation is handled entirely by the noise settings now and figuring out terrain-based biome placement is hard.
  • Added the Painted Desert biome. This along with the standard Desert biome make up the bulk of the surface of the dimension. It features colored sand (concrete powder) and petrified Cacti and Wood.
  • Added the Tar Pits Biome. This biome filled with Mud and Soul Sand is populated with the bones of long-extinct creatures, trapped in the tar. Sculk Veins coat the bottom of the Tar Pits, hinting at the ancient life lost here.
  • Updated the Oasis biome slightly to have prettier lakes and a different vegetation density.
  • The Volcano biome has been reworked into the Volcanic Zone, and no longer appears on the surface as volcanos. It is now a cave biome, with its underground makeup largely unchanged from before. Markers can sometimes appear on the surface above Volcanic Zones in the form of piles of Basalt.
  • Added the Crystal Caves, another cave biome filled with Amethyst, Pearlescent Froglights, Warped Hyphae trees, and End Rods hanging from the ceiling. Markers can sometimes appear on the surface above Crystal Caves in the form glowing trees.
  • Added the Catacombs. This cave biome is made up primarily of sandstone. Its floors are dotted with ancient pillars and spooky lit candles, while cobwebs hang from the ceiling. It also infested with Sculk, and may one day be home to a valuable structure. Raw Gold Blocks can be found embedded in the walls here as incentive for braving it and the Warden. Markers can sometimes appear on the surface above Catacombs in the form of small Sandstone Pyramids.
  • To make up for the lack of noise caves, added very wide canyons which are fairly common underground.
  • Removed all Lake Biomes and associated Lake Guardian mechanic.
  • Added more lakes/puddles to the Lightning Fields and Slimy Reservoirs, similar to the Primordial Desert's Oasis.
  • Made Slimy Reservoirs a little smaller, and appear only in lower crevices of the terrain/partially as a cave biome.
  • Made Stricken Summit appear at higher elevations in Lightning Fields and Forboding Woods, and it now features veins of glowstone on the surface.
  • Redesigned the Stockpile surface from the ground up. It works very similarly to the Painted Desert, but with the same familiar color scheme it's always had.
  • Railways no longer conform to terrain, and so can create long bridges of rails between the hills of the Lightning Fields.
  • Perfected Ice Castle spawning within Glacial Wall biomes. The structure itself is still incomplete and so is mostly empty, but it looks awesome.

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12/03/2022 6:43 pmhistory
Level 2 : Apprentice Miner
Dragonboi avatar
I am not getting any of the buried artifacts when I build my first rooms in the Primordial desert, I am on a fabric, 1.19.2 single player world with lots of other datapacks, and a few mods
EDIT: The piglin cave appeared, not sure if that has replaced the buried artifacts since the new update
12/04/2022 12:23 am
Level 68 : High Grandmaster Programmer
kanokarob avatar
I'll take a look, that's unusual.
12/02/2022 6:30 pmhistory
Level 1 : New Miner
Andy231120 avatar
Why is the other pack not giving me the book in survival mode when I get wood? By the way I am in 1.19.2 and then I downgraded to 1.19 release and it still isn't working

Thanks, Andy23110 planet Minecraft
12/03/2022 12:18 am
Level 68 : High Grandmaster Programmer
kanokarob avatar
Interesting choice to ask about one data pack in a different one's comment section.

There's a few possible reasons for that behavior. Either:
> The data pack isn't installed correctly
> You're on an unsupported server type
> You have another mod or data pack that's incompatible
12/02/2022 6:19 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
Andy231120 avatar
The best creator by far and ever.
11/27/2022 8:23 am
Level 1 : New Miner
teagan75 avatar
I am finding it hard to remain in the Buried Ocean dimension without having to go to the overworld for large wool grinding. Not enough is generated in the hoppers to balance me searching for a random sheep on a tiny island. Eventually the pirate drops help but it is rather a rough start. Is this intended?
11/27/2022 10:09 am
Level 68 : High Grandmaster Programmer
kanokarob avatar
Yes it is. Although you shouldn't need to go all the way to the Overworld, there are lots of sheep in the In Between.

Sheep also spawn in the Verdant Grove biome, or with enough gold, you can buy from your Weaver directly.
11/11/2022 9:56 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
MagentaSS avatar
Nice datapack, the new fleet and excavation shaft is awesome. But the portals are sometimes glitchy, often get replaced by other ones or take you to the wrong dimension. Once my portal in the overworld took me to the buried ocean directly, and another time the return portal to the overworld actually took me to the buried ocean and there's no way to get back.
Btw how does the research shaft work? I simply thow artifacts on the platform and nothing seems to change when the research is 100% complete.
11/11/2022 10:28 pm
Level 68 : High Grandmaster Programmer
kanokarob avatar
The Portal behavior is the best it can be, unfortunately. I've tried to put time gaps between functions that teleport the player, check for existing portals, and generate new ones, to allow for laggier machines to load in chunks and entities, but I can only slow it down so much until it becomes distracting for users who do not have lag. If your game/server is lagging too much, it unfortunately is going to experience some hiccups with interdimensional travel.

The Research Shaft will restore one of the Artifact rooms you discover filled with mobs to a fully-functional room, usually accompanied by a villager with special trades. It will choose one of these rooms at random, and of course of you don't have any ruined Artifact rooms then nothing will happen.
11/11/2022 1:27 am
Level 2 : Apprentice Miner
Dragonboi avatar
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