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The Frostia Dimension [v1.0.0]

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Required Resource Pack
Stoupy51 avatar Stoupy51
Level 40 : Master Electrician

The Frostia Dimension v1.0.0 (made by Stoupy51, PiggyPigCute, Rignchen)

Admin tips :

  • /function frostia:_give .............. Give you all items of the datapack
  • /function frostia:uninstall ........ Before removing the datapack

The Frostia Dimension is a simple Adventure data pack created to add fun optional experience to the game.

This data pack adds a bunch of features to the game including:

  • A new dimension (The Frostia Dimension) with 3 biomes
  • A portal to make through the dimension
  • A temperature system making the player take damage when too cold
  • A new boss (Santa Claus) fighting with an Ice Staff and mobs
  • 5 new items (Christmas Present, Snowy Sapling, Christmas Socks, Snow Globe, Ice Staff)
  • 3 new structures

Entering the dimension
Create a nether portal like with packed ice, and light it using a firework rocket.You'll be able to travel it like a nether one

Temperature System
There are multiples steps of heat in the Frostia dimension.
- Hot place : your frozen time decrease fast
- Comfortable place : it decrease
- Cool place : nothing happens
- Cold place : your frozen time increase
- Very cold : increase faster
- Icy place : increase very fast
The more your frozen time is, the more you take damage.
Heat is defined as in-game light

Christmas Present: You can found it in christmas trees (structures) or you have a chance of
getting one by killing a "reindeer" summoned by the Santa Claus
A : a

Additional information incoming... (writing it right now)

Additional Credits :
- [​]Used libraries authors[​/url]
CompatibilityMinecraft 1.19

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