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Required Resource Pack
_Syriusz_'s Avatar _Syriusz_
Level 23 : Expert Miner
The hades is a mysterious dark dimension ruled by Hades the god. It consists of 2 climates and many unique biomes such as Elysium fields or hades highlands. It is not easy to get into the hades but It may be even harder to get back to the overworld once you find yourself there...

So, "How do I get to The Hades", you may ask. Well, just dying is not enough - you need to pay Charon for him to get you across Styx. He only accepts obols though, so you need to aquire one. According to legends, ancient Greeks were buried with obols in their mouths, so you might want to look for their tombs or slay some undead and beg that one of them used to be a anvient greek.

As sayed before, it is easier to get into The Hades rather than get of of it. To get out of The Hades you have to find and confront Cerberus! (A little hint: He really likes square-shaped temples and fountains)

Complete list of features added by this datapack:

- new Hades dimension

- hades highlands
- hades volcano
- hades ocean
- Elysium fields
- Elysium ocean
- Elysium
- Lethe river

- Elysium tower
- Pilgrim's path temple (3 types)
- Elysian brewery
- Greek tomb

- Elysian brewer
- The Cerberus

- Obol
- Wooden pipe
- Aegis shield
- Grapes
- Olives
- Custom golden armor
- Red wine
- Olive oil
- Ambrosia (currently unobtainable)
- Nectar (currently unobtainable)

10 custom advancements that will guide you through the hades dimension.

Some random technical facts:
- The world generator is made entirely from scratch, Expect to see a large difference between The hades and the overworld. Density functions for the win! (Seriously why the heck we have made them so unoptimized?)
- We have some plans to expand this dimension further since It currently feels quite empty.

Disclaimer: use this datapack at your own risk, it is painfully unoptimized and even though playable, It's not well tested. We're open to any bug reports or feedback.
CompatibilityMinecraft 1.19

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11/18/2022 5:57 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
User4370940G's Avatar
Hey, I cant find a tombstone, can you send me a screenshot of it so I know what I must be looking for plz
08/31/2022 5:00 pm
Level 33 : Artisan System
Technicman's Avatar
Great work, Stuff looks outta this world
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