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TNT Survival (Challenge Minigame)

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MeWithNoGoodUsername avatar MeWithNoGoodUsername
Level 47 : Master Modder
TNT Survival (Challenge Minigame) Minecraft Data Pack

By MeWithNoGoodUsername

TNT Survival is a challenge datapack that summons a TNT on your location after a set amount of time, can you beat the game with TNT constantly spawning??

How It Works

TNT Survival is a more of a survival+ minigame, its meant as a fun intense challenge.
The amount of time can be adjusted in the beginning of the game using the menu:

TNT Survival (Challenge Minigame) Minecraft Data Pack

Timer can be changed to 0:10, 0:30, 1:00, 2:00, 5:00, 10:00, or 30:00 mins, after the timer hits 0, BOOM! a TNT will go off on your location automatically.

By Default, all settings are turned off

TNT Survival (Challenge Minigame) Minecraft Data Pack
TNT Griefing:
If on, will cause damage to blocks when explodes

Player Damage:
If on, will cause damage to Players when explodes

Timer Display:
If on, will display the timer on the top or bottom of your screen

if you want to see a debug menu, simply type:

/scoreboard objectives setdisplay sidebar TNT_Debug

this score is to show what state the datapack is currently at, basically ignore this


this score shows what custom time you set as a label


enables the Timer Display

enables the Player Damage

enables the TNT Griefing


if the game is on or not, 1 means starting, 2 means start, 3 means in game


shows how much time there is left in ticks

Click [​Start] to start the game

Setup & Help

Move TNT_Survival.zip folder in the datapacks folder (Roaming > .minecraft > saves > {name of your world} > datapacks)
/reload the server once everyone who is participating is online
Open up chat, select your rules, and hit [​Start] when ready
Do /function tnt_survival:fix if you need to start again with a clean slate.

If you encounter a problem or issue with the datapack, and if it hasn't been covered here, please let me know down in the comments
(Any useful helpful information will go right here if needed)

--Game Bugged Out?--
you might need to restart the datapack, simply type:
/function tnt_survival:fix

--Can't get the datapack to work?--
try using the command: /datapack <list, enable, disable> and see if "file/TNT_Survival" is there
if it is then you might need to enable it.
(note. the datapack isn't installed if it doesn't show up on list, disable or enable)

(note2. if the datapack still does not show up it could be a problem relating to the server's provider)



The Beginning
-Datapack went live

Thank you guys for playing my datapacks, I put a lot of work into these to make sure they are fun and enjoyable for everyone!

Please credit me if you can! Tag me with your videos and photos, I would love to see what you guys do!
and throw me a diamond and a like if you want to see more!

CompatibilityMinecraft 1.16

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11/20/2020 5:10 am
Level 23 : Expert Engineer
ItsVladGames avatar
Good Work! I should learn to Get Better Thumbnails for my DataPacks, it helps with the Views.
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