Tougher Piglins FULL RELEASE

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                  avatar TheGayerest4264
                  Level 44 : Master Princess
                  For the Full Release of the Nether Update, I wanted to do something Nether themed in order to set the mood. Seeing as my Tougher Zombies Pack is doing so well, I decided to make a similar pack for Piglins. These piglins will naturally spawn in your world 36% of the time, but won't replace Piglins that spawn in bastions, Piglins that have been named, or baby Piglins. To start the pack, simply type /function tougher_piglins:start once the pack has been installed. If you want to access the new types more easily, simply type /function tougher_piglins:give_spawn_eggs to give yourself a bunch of spawn eggs for the new piglin types. Unlike my previous pack, changing the name of the piglin won't change it's type; the types are determined upon spawning

                  This pack adds the following:

                  - Glider Piglins: Piglins that wear elytra and glide around. The elytra's won't drop, but I could change this is y'all want me to.
                  - Diving Piglins: Ancient Debris Hunters that are immune to fire and lava thanks to their special diving equipment. They even have little flippers and life jackets, how cute!
                  - Bandit Piglins: Watch out! These bandits will steal your gold and give you nothing in return. They also get temporary bursts of speed after stealing from you
                  - Magma Cube Jockeys: These clever Piglins denounce Striders, instead turning to medium magma cubes for a lift. They regenerate health and carry tridents, which, unfortunately, they don't drop. Same story as elytra though.
                  - Piglin Knights: These hefty piglins come decked out in Netherite and Gold. They do drop their loot, so they might be worth the fight.
                  - Burner Piglins: They carry fire aspect swords and light you on fire. Not much to say here.
                  - Crying Obsidian Piglins: These poor piglins just want a taste of the overworld. However, they know they can't, so they trap players in the Nether with them by making their portals cry.
                  - Cultist Piglins: These piggies are masters of the Nether; they can even summon (weaker) blazes to defend themselves. Not someone you want to run into.

                  The piglins abilities won't activate if you are in creative or spectator mode, so rest assured they do work.

                  - ThePhil12 for many of the ideas. I wasn't able to add all of his lovely concepts into the pack due to time, but most of them will hopefully show up in another pack eventually
                  - All of you for sticking with me even after my short break. I'm so glad to be making these packs and receiving so much support

                  Possible Future Additions:
                  - Diver Piglins dropping Ancient Debris to make it renewable.
                  - Burner Piglins dropping Fire Aspect III books.
                  - Piglin Knights spawning with extra health or as Piglin Brutes.
                  - A variation off of the Piglin Brute once it comes out.
                  - Bandit Piglins spawning as babies.
                  - Anything you lovely people suggest that I can fit in. Don't be shy, share your ideas below.
                  CompatibilityMinecraft 1.16

                  10/01/2020 6:12 am
                  Level 1 : New Miner
                  a structure with pieces of golden armor enchanted with mending in every 1 out of 2
                  golden armor and tools can be doused in a weaknes potion cannot be enchanted or desenchanted anymore
                  but keep previus enchantments .
                  can be upgraded by potions and have more durabillity when adding netherite scrap can go up to tire 3
                  only level 1 potions and not all of them mayby even have some of them less powerfull
                  09/30/2020 12:42 am
                  Level 32 : Artisan Lego Builder
                  you should use a head for the crying obsidian piglin instead of a block maybe this
                  07/13/2020 7:15 pm
                  Level 1 : New Explorer
                  Why this datapack hide other datapack's messages?
                  07/06/2020 11:07 am
                  Level 12 : Journeyman Ranger
                  Could you add a piglin mage, he could shoot fire balls or maybe throw nether related potions at you?
                  07/02/2020 6:13 pm
                  Level 1 : New Miner
                  Love the datapack, however I was wondering if it's possible to disable piglins dropping any netherite tools / armor?
                  I tried looking into it on my own and came up pretty empty handed as I wanted them to still have their drops, just not netherite items.
                  Any help would be amazing!
                  07/03/2020 6:59 am
                  Level 44 : Master Princess
                  I can make a version where they don't, if that interests you. For now, put the command "/execute as @e[type=piglin,tag=knight] run data merge entity @s {ArmorDropChances:[0.000F,0.000F,0.000F,0.000F]}" into a repeating command block. This may trigger a bug that will cause the AI for the Piglins to stop moving. I will update the pack now
                  07/03/2020 7:13 am
                  Level 44 : Master Princess
                  Done. No more Netherite armor from those piggies
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