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Towns & Towers (1.18.2 and 1.19.4)

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    Note: The current version of the pack works on 1.19. For the 1.18.2 version, check the Older Versions section. The pack doesn't work in 1.18.1 for technical reasons. There will also be no back-ports.

    Also available on CurseForge and Modrinth as a fabric/forge mod for both 1.18.2 and 1.19.2! (Although it is no longer universal. You'll have to chose one for your mod loader and version)
    We also have a place on Discord on William Wyther's server, which you can join here.


      Towns & Towers is a mod / datapack which aims to expand upon the 1.14 update created by Mojang with new villages, pillager outposts, and even brand-new ships. The structures themselves are a bit more detailed than their vanilla counterparts, but they still fit seamlessly into the world. Not only that but many are inspired by real-life buildings or architectural styles, giving them a fresh new feel. There are over 50 structures added by Towns and Towers so far (as of update 1.9), so have fun exploring! And remember, it’s not the destination that’s important, but the journey to get there.

    Structure Gallery

      If you want to check out all of the structures we have made so far without playing, you can do so here.


      The pack should be compatible with most world generation datapacks, such as Terralith (which has exclusive structures if you use both packs together), or packs that add similar structures, like ChoiceTheorem's Overhauled villages. Towns and Towers is also compatible with world generation mods, like BYG or the mod version for Terralith, as well as structure mods like Repurposed Structures. However, some features from other mods are not currently present, like the guards from Villager Guards mod or certain buildings from Farmer's Delight for example. This will be addressed in the future via a series of datapacks, which will implement features from those mods into ours.

    Compatibility Patches
      Down below you can find a list of compatibility patches we have made so far for Towns and Towers and how to install them. These work for version 1.10 and above. NOTE THAT IF YOU ARE USING THE MOD VERSION YOU DON'T NEED TO INSTALL THESE, AS THEY WILL BE APPLIED AUTOMATICALLY.

    Fabric Waystone patch (https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/mc-mods/fabric-waystones) can be found here.
      * unzip the zip file and paste the config.json5 file into .minecraft/config/fwaystones (for 1.19.2) or .minecraft/config/waystones (for 1.18.2). You can use this with the other waystone mod as well.

    Normal Waystone patch (https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/mc-mods/waystones) can be found here.
      * install the compatibility patch the same way you install a normal datapack. Just make sure you load it ABOVE the base datapack file.

    1.18.2 And Older Versions

    1.18.2 (MAKE A BACKUP BEFORE UPGRADING) --- https://www.mediafire.com/file/9o8lpk2l4og59cn/towns-and-towers-1-10-B.zip/file
    Archived versions of Towns and Towers --- https://www.mediafire.com/folder/daxyfomaodw4q/Archived+versions+of+Towns+and+Towers

    Frequently asked questions (FAQ)
    Is it safe to update Towns and Towers?
      Yes. Just note that sometimes when we update a few things get changed, so there might be a bit of console spam. If any serious problems arise because of that, let us know. And, as always, make a backup before upgrading.

    Is it safe to add Towns and Towers to an already existing world?
      Yep. Just note that the new structures will only spawn in newly generated chunks.

    What’s the difference between the mod and datapack versions?
      The main difference is the ease of use basically. With the mod version, you don’t need to add it each time you create a new world, and you can more easily incorporate it into modpacks. The datapack is easier to customize though. Other than that, nothing is changed. Performance, features, and functions are the same.

    How can I locate the new structures?
      For 1.18.2: /locate towns_and_towers:[​structure_from_list]
      For 1.19+: /locate structure towns_and_towers:[​structure_from_list]
      Note that some structures have the exclusives tag added in front. Those structures cannot be located if you only have T&T installed. You also need to have one of the mods that T&T is paired with, such as Terralith, BoP, BYG, or Promenade (hence the name).

    What about the loot of these structures?
      The majority of structures use vanilla loot tables for better mod compatibility, but they also use some custom loot tables to better integrate said structures into the world. You will still find pillager outpost loot in pillager outposts, profession chests in villages, as well as bells, workstations, etc., but also new stuff like food, armor, and other goodies.

    Is there a Bedrock version of Towns and Towers?
      Not as of now. In the future, maybe.

    Does T&T modify vanilla structures or add new ones?
      As of update 1.9, Towns and Towers only adds new structures. The remade pillager outpost has been removed for better mod compatibility (basically a failsafe. If none of our outposts have a certain feature from a mod, at least the vanilla pillager outpost would)

    Can I include Towns and Towers in a modpack?
      Yes, but make sure to give credit and maybe a link to our page. Also, don't use a modified version of T&T in your modpack.

    Can I modify Towns and Towers and re-distribute it?
      If it’s for personal use, you can modify Towns and Towers to your heart’s content. If, however, you want to distribute a separate, modified version to the public, we, unfortunately, cannot allow that. We generally want to keep Towns and Towers as “pure” as possible, as other users may modify our pack in some unexpected ways.

      No, you donkey.

    Basic guides for modifying Towns and Towers
    How do I make a structure spawn more / less frequently?
      Go to data/towns_and_towers/worldgen/structure_set. There are some files defining certain types of structures. Increase the spacing and separation parameters in each of these files to make structures appear less frequently (the first defining maximal distance between structures, the second minimal), and decrease them to make structures spawn more frequently. The values should be at the bottom of the list, for pillager outposts, villages, and ships.

    How can I remove a structure?
      Go to data/towns_and_towers/worldgen/structure (for 1.18.2 it's data/towns_and_towers/worldgen/configured_structure_feature). There, you'll find a list of .json files with names corresponding to specific structures. Delete every file with the name of the structure you don’t want to spawn anymore. After that, go to the structure_set folder (it should be right next to the structure folder) and delete the entry of your structure (for example, towns_and_towers:village_beach. Just make sure you also delete the curly brackets associated).
      Congratulations, you removed your structure. (why would you do that though? ☹).

    How do I update Towns and Towers?

      1. Open the datapack folder of your world, located in .minecraft/saves/world_name/datapacks
      2. Delete the old versions of Towns and Towers
      3. Paste the new version of Towns and Towers
      4. Close everything and enjoy

    Big thanks to Robified for helping with the mod version!
    Also a big shoutout to TelepathicGrunt for answering my stupid questions lol.
    Finally, a big shoutout to William Wythers, Apollo, and ChoiceTheorem for being cool, as well as the various creators below:


    * Birch outpost (mushroom roof tower) inspired by Frqnny's villager market from Mo' Structures (www.curseforge.com/minecraft/mc-mods/mo-structures)
    * Sparse Jungle and Wooded badlands outposts (bandit camps) made by William Wythers, later remastered with tent designs inspired by Goldrobin
    * Desert outpost (ruined desert manor) used from patrykss desert house pack and heavily modified (www.planetminecraft.com/project/schematic-desert-house-pack-by-patrykss/)
    * Mediterranean (vineyard) and Old Growth Taiga (fortified polish cabin) outposts made by Kubek, later remastered
    * Tudor and remastered vanilla outpost heavily inspired by u/swordself_mc and tweaked
    * Flower forest (Japanese watchtower) outpost design made from Cortezerino's tutorial (www.youtube.com/watch?v=ByM-Lyeocnw&t=2s) and tweaked
    * Grove (ruined fort), and Tiaga (fire watch tower) outpost designs inspired by blockdown_builds and tweaked. Part of Kubek's old desert hills outpost was also repurposed and used here.
    * Meadow (Medieval Tower) outpost design used from Novv's medieval building pack (www.planetminecraft.com/project/medieval-building-bundle-98192/) and tweaked
    * Snowy plains (castle/prison) outpost design inspired by Oldshoes's Isolated island fort and heavily modified (www.planetminecraft.com/project/isolated-island-fort/)
    * Snowy slopes (church) outpost design used from TheHyperboloid's Small Medieval Church and heavily modified (www.planetminecraft.com/project/small-medieval-church-5128506/)
    * Mushroom outpost design used from Dyiing's schematic and heavily modified (www.planetminecraft.com/project/mushroom-house-schematic-litematic-fully-furnished/)
    * Desert Oasis outpost (oriental tower) design inspired by _PAV_'s Japarabic Building Bundle (www.planetminecraft.com/project/japarabic-houses-building-bundle-by-pav/)
    * Swedish outpost (nordic church) inspired by this www.reddit.com/r/Minecraft/comments/rnjppa/i_really_need_to_get_something_better_to_build/ and changed a bit
    * Badlands, Forest, Savanna, Beach, Snowy Beach, Sunflower Plains, Swamp, Rustic and Alpha Islands outposts, as well as any tweaks/remasters/changes made by Biban_Auriu
    * Snowy taiga outpost (Viking tower) inspired by this Reddit post: https://www.reddit.com/r/Minecraft/comments/kt1ngw/i_rebuilt_and_redesigned_the_pillager_outpost/


    * Villager Fleet made by Kubek, with mothership remade by Biban_Auriu
    * Pillager Galleon and Flotsam made by William Wythers, remade by Biban_Auriu


    * Jungle, Badlands, Forest, Wandering trader camp and Wooded Badlands camp made by William Wythers, later remastered by Biban_Auriu
    * Flower forest village made by Fusion_Swarly, slightly tweaked by Biban_Auriu
    * Swamp(r), Sunflower Plains(r), Sparse Jungler(r), Snowy Slopes(t), Old Growth Taiga(t), Meadow(t), Mediterranean(t), Swedish(t), Alpha Islands, Beach(r), Viking, Rustic(t) and Tudor villages(t) made by Kubek.
    -r - remastered by Biban_Auriu
    -t - tweaked by Biban_Auriu
    * Birch Forest, Grove, and Mushroom village made by Biban_Auriu


    * Secret structure made by William Wythers, remastered by Biban_Auriu

    If you are looking for even more villages and pillager outposts, also try out Choice Theorem's Overhauled Villages here (though it is recommended to only use 1 of the 2 packs as using both can bloat your world):

    If you have any issues/suggestions/questions, write them down below in the comments and we’ll try to answer them as soon as possible and as best as possible.

    CompatibilityMinecraft 1.19

    16 Update Logs

    1.10 & 1.10-B - The Technical Update (part II) : by Biban_Auriu 11/14/2022 3:14:49 pmNov 14th, 2022

    Mod compatibility is taking off! Here's the first batch of compatibility patches to integrate certain features from other mods into our structures. More to come in the next updates!

    - (MOD VERSION ONLY) added a config for the mod version (Fabric + Forge & 1.18.2 + 1.19.2), located in config/towns_and_towers folder. There, you will find 2 json files, one for disabling certain structures, and one to edit the frequency of structure types. You'll know which one is which by the name;
    - added compatibility with the Waystone mod (www.curseforge.com/minecraft/mc-mods/waystones) (for both Forge and Fabric).
      * waystones will not appear as their own small structure in villages though. Instead, 1 waystone will always be found at the town center. Some villages don't contain waystones, particularly camps or single-piece structure villages. For the datapack version here on PMC, you are going to also need the Waystone compatibility patch, found in the Compatibility Patches section;
    - added automatic compatibility with Fabric Waystones (www.curseforge.com/minecraft/mc-mods/fabric-waystones).
      * waystones will appear as their separate structure piece in the village like in the normal mod (max of 1 per village). Some villages don't contain waystones, particularly camps or single-piece structure villages, like the tipi camp (wooded badlands) or snowy slopes village (alpine inn). For the datapack version here on PMC, you are going to also need the Fabric Waystones compatibility patch, found in the Compatibility Patches section.
    - added automatic compatibility with Guard Villagers (www.curseforge.com/minecraft/mc-mods/guard-villagers) (for both Forge and Fabric).
      * guard villagers spawn in a cluster of 6 around each iron golem per village, so we made sure each village only has 1 iron golem. Some villages don't have one as they are either too small or for other reasons, like the ruined forest village which has no inhabitants. No compatibility patch needed.
    - remove some unnecessary jigsaws that caused errors;
    - improved the grove village a bit, by removing some unnecessary decor that caused the structure to look a bit unnatural and adding some tables to the side (these will only appear if you don't use Fabric Waystones, which will spawn a waystone shrine there instead);
    - re-organized the changelogs a bit;
    - (FOR 1.18.2 ONLY) fixed a bug with the Pillager Galleon that sometimes caused the bottom part of the ship to shift around instead of being aligned with the top part (example here: imgur.com/a/T4ZN55i).

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    mono something blocky123
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    its cool ngl
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    Does this datapack work on servers for 1.19.2?
    03/04/2023 5:34 am
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    02/28/2023 8:26 pm
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    Can't wait to see what cherry blossom villages would look like
    03/02/2023 3:01 pm
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    me too. At this point I'm quite hasitant about the design, because we already have a japanese-styled vilage. I hope an idea will come some day. William Wythers, an old friend of mine once had an idea for a structure to put in flower forest biome, where now Japanese village is situated. We definitely won't remain indifferent to what was introduced.
    03/05/2023 7:39 pm
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    I mean there are many different styles of Japanese architecture. But yeah I can understand how it might be difficult to reimagine something.
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    any plans for 1.16.5
    02/25/2023 5:23 am
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    No B)
    02/06/2023 6:41 pm
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    I get crashes from both certain shipwreck chests and from the barrel on the bottom floor of the lighthouse. Do you have any idea what would cause these crashes to happen?
    02/26/2023 2:54 am
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    It can be that the chest is to load the loot table that foesn't exist anymore. I'll fix this
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