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Ultimate Survival

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Willberfollower avatar Willberfollower
Level 28 : Expert System

Ultimate Survival aims to make the game more

realistic, challenging, while still being the enjoyable Minecraft we know and love. It attempts to
tweak those little things that have always bothered you.

The datapack adds a harder start to minecraft (a more realistic survival), but once your established its just like normal.
Mobs will siege your base whether underground or above and insure your doom.
Cool features and more block and gameplay physics.

If you have any great ideas for the datapack please leave a comment below always looking to improve it.

The 3 Parts of the datapacks


Expert adds the most extreme survival experience. Taking the best of players beyond their limits to defend their pitiful base and meaningless treasures. As the clock slowly ticks insuring your demise you find yourself scrambling to set up any morsel of defenses you can muster before the night consumes you forever.


Realistic changes the start to be more like real life would be. Hunt boars and wild oxen with your meager tools as you struggle to get to the iron age.


Superior tweaks the things about Minecraft that should have always been. Adding features for more fun and more logical sense. Making some absolutely useless items potentially have a use. Increasing game overall functionableness and aesthetic.

(Adventure update coming soon)
structures/dungeons, magic, learnable combat abilities, and ancient relic items (all intended to be balanced & minecrafty).

Expert Minecraft Changes

-Sleeping through the night is disabled (spawn point will still be set).
-The radius mobs discover the player increases each day the player is alive.
-Zombies can build and mine to the player (they can't mine obsidian), They can also use bows and shields.
-Most mobs are buffed one way or another (nothing too crazy, mostly speed buffs).
-Illusioners spawn in dark forests.
-Phantoms spawn intelligently and in the end.
-Creepers explode when on fire and their explosions leave fire, (they are also more deadly).
-Some mobs can use shields and bows.
-Blazes spawn in deserts (but don't drop blaze rods when spawned in overworld).
-Ghasts spawn in swamps (they don't drop tears when spawned in overworld).
-Spiders lay webs.
-Witches can spawn riding phantoms & throw potions to aid other monsters.
-Wolves attack during the night.
-Cave spiders spawn on surface, run on water and can dig to the player.
-Skeletons can spawn with different tipped arrows.
-Enderman will attack if you get to close.

-Guardians spawn underground.

Superior Minecraft Changes

-Blocks, (Dirt, Cobblestone, Diorite, Granite, Andesite) have gravity and fall when stood on. Pillaring (1x1) is not possible with these blocks.
-There has to be fish in order to catch fish (Actually watch as the fish get lured in!)
-Torches burn out (With torches as more of a temporary light source players need to use a bigger variety of light)
-Players fall through leaves.
-Swimming in lava without fire protection instantly kills the player (If your head goes under).
-Dynamic lighting.
-Arrows and tridents can break glass.
-Items that should sink sink.
-Mobs and arrows on fire set things on fire.
-Cows and goats take minor damage from being milked. (Because cows don't have infinite milk)
-Villagers no longer trade mending books (for game balance, this was broken).
-Fireworks from crossbows explode (my favorite feature).
-Shields activate faster against projectiles (Ever block a arrow but the game claimed you didn't?)
-If you wade through the swamp your wounds can get infected.
-Invisibility doesn't display potion particles for players
-Saplings and crops have a chance of growing when dropped.
-Anvils break glass and leaves when falling.
-Gear items dropped (Weapons, Tools, Armor) on loose soil (aka dirt, gravel, sand) get buried instead of despawning.
-Glow berries give glow effect.
-Any mobs killed with silk touch have chance of dropping head.
-All living mobs regen health over a period of time (undead mobs do not regen health).
-Dropping from a height breaks ice and glass.
-Blazerods have fire aspect 1.
-Armor stands have arms.
-Player name tags no longer visible (after 2 minutes of gameplay).
-Invisible potions turn item frames and armor stands invisible.
-Snowballs put out fire.
-Gave logical drops to some animals with no drops.
-Zombies and variants can use bows.
-Campfires placed unlit.
-Cows and Pigs eat carrots dropped nearby. (Considered all animals but to maximize datapack lag efficiency it was not added).
-Dripstone breaks when hit with a projectile.

Realistic Minecraft

-Thirst bar
-No more punching trees logs. You need the correct tool (craft a flint hatchet to get logs).
-Pigs spawn as boars (boars can be breed once using EXACTLY 16 carrots, for a more domesticated animal, the pig)
-Cows spawn as massive Aurochs (Breed like boars with exactly 16 wheat spawns a domesticated cow)
-Sheep run (a little buggy)
-Horses attack when provoked (a little buggy)
-Rooted dirt under all trees (for starter items you can use roots as cordage).
-Grass drops grass (still has a chance to drop seeds).
-Heavy armor slows you down. also giving a use to chainmail which is now craftable (Craftable if you downloaded the "absolutely required" datapack like your supposed to).


(disabled at the moment but may be added let me know what if these are good ideas)
-Lava flows as in the nether.
-Can't place water with bucket as in the nether
-Fortress, created by throwing a netherite block on a level 4 beacon. This sets all players in a radius of 64 to adventure mode. Deactivates on destruction. (Using a netherite ingot on a pickaxe in the smithing table gives you one that can destroy the beacon).

Superior Minecraft

-Armor smelted in a blast furnace gives a ingot.
-Various recipes changed to include other stone types.
-All polished stones require smelting or cutting (For overall game consistency).
-Chainmail craftable from chains and leather equivalent.
-Raw ore blocks smeltable in blast furnace.
-Some items can be infused into gold (This gives gold more of a use as well as various items like poison potato).
-Anvils smeltable for iron block
-Wool to String
-Turtle armor
-Cobwebs craftable using string and slimeballs/honey (recipe like tnt).
-Tropical fish soup using fish, bowl, and water bottle.
-Spectral arrows using glow ink (cause glow ink is as useless as the glow squid)
-Sapling to stick.
-Cobblestone slabs crafted to cobblestone block.
-Sticky pistons crafted with honey bottle as well as slimeballs.
-Horse armor craftable in smithing table.
-Infested blocks now craftable with silverfish egg (eggs are dropped by silverfish)
-Chocolate Milk (keeps effects away for 15 seconds. Its crafted the like TNT with coca beans, sugar and a milk bucket in the middle.)
-Honey comb blocks craftable back into honeycombs

Realistic Minecraft

-Crafting tools and armor is done in the smithing table by using block of material (smooth stone for stone tools) and corresponding leather or wooden item.

-Flint Hatchet. (crafted from 2 vines/cordage a stick, and a flint).
-Primitive Pickaxe. (crafted from 3 stone, 2 sticks, and 2 cordage/vines/string).
-Primitive Bow (crafted from vines instead of string).
-Cordage only for primitive items (crafted with 4 grass)
-Firebrand (For lighting fires. Will burn out if not used quickly).
-Items no longer repairable in the crafting table.
-Crafting Table (requires 2 wood (or 2 planks) & 2 leather).
-Planks (cut in stonecutter).
-Campfire (1 wood instead of coal, old recipe still works).
-Gravel can be smelted to stone button.
-Cobblestone crafted from assorted pebble stones (like stone buttons and flint).
-Sapling crafted into a stick.
-Logs can be crafted into sticks.
-Barrels & chests crafted with ingot in the middle.
-Shulker boxes crafted with ender chest instead (this makes too much sense).
-The start is rather hard so I added a few easy to get weapons. Bamboo staff (crafted with 2 bamboo), wooden stake (crafted with stick and random stone type like flint) , bone club (2 bones and 2 string types (like vines/roots)).

Help I'm Confused
If your completely lost at the start here's how to get past the beginning and on to normal Minecraft.

At the start your going to first want to craft a flint hatchet. Start by breaking leaves on trees for sticks (or craft a sapling into one) then collect roots under trees to use as cordage or collect grass and craft cordage using 4 grass. Get some flint from gravel and craft a flint hatchet using 1 stick 1 flint and 2 cordage/string/roots/vines.

Remember take a dip in some fresh water or eat melons to get your thirst up.

Next you going to need some leather for a crafting table you'll need to kill one of the following a boar, wild oxen, llama, a horse, or a goat (horses fight back btw). Craft a primitive weapon to kill them (recommend a bamboo staff crafted with 2 bamboo or a hatchet). Most common are the boars build a 2x1 tower out of dirt 3 blocks high and lore over a boar. Then get logs and craft a crafting table using 2 logs and 2 leather.

Now you need a furnace. Collect clay and make bricks by drying out the clay on a campfire (craft a campfire using default recipe with a log replacing the coal. However the campfire will be place unlit. light it with a firebrand (crafted from 1 grass, 1 log, and a stick) make sure your quick or the firebrand will burn out). Once you've crafted 8 brick blocks use them to craft a furnace. Smelt some glass in the furnace so you can make glass bottles for water.

Furnace complete now we need a pickaxe to get iron. Refine some gravel into stone buttons in the furnace. Craft cobblestone using the 9 stone buttons or/and flint. Then turn the cobble to stone in the furnace craft a primitive pickaxe using 2 sticks 3 stone(or other applicable stone types) and 2 cordage/vines/roots. Go mine some iron.

Iron obtained we need to start crafting real tools. First make a stone cutter to cut logs into wooden planks. Then craft a smithing table. Now craft any wooden tool or leather armor and upgrade it in the smithing table using wooden or leather item and block of material (like iron or diamond. Use smooth stone for stone tools).

Now your officially in normal Minecraft crafting.

Remember to stay safe and make pits and defenses to survive the night!

This datapack has 3 parts if you want to download or check them out separately you can do so here.

Part 1 Expert Minecraft (Makes mobs siege your base and seek your demise)

Part 2 Superior Minecraft (Adds the features that should be in the game and some realistic and logical ones too)

Part 3 Realistic Minecraft (Changes the crafting and animals)

Things to note

-To prevent any unexpected lag its recommended you dedicate more ram to Minecraft if you only have it set to the default 2.
(only do so if computer has the available ram to spare, this is done by changing the 2 in -Xmx2G, on your installation, under more options).
-Will attempt to keep data pack up to date with latest snapshots.
-Because I have been working on this for months there are most likely changes I forgot about.
-I will be consistently updating and adding new features so check back every few weeks (more like months sorry).
-Will update the nether at some point to stop that from being a safe space

-YouTube video is a bit outdated.


-Disabling the datapack messes up the clock cycle so it will no longer work when reenabled. Players are recommended to start a new world for the datapack.

-The datapack is split into 3 parts.

-Youtube video is outdated.
CompatibilityMinecraft 1.19

4 Update Logs

1.6 Update : by Willberfollower 10/28/2022 10:45:43 pmOct 28th, 2022

bug fixes

fixed major lag bug with 6000+ hoglins

fortress disabled for now superior

primitive pick now crafted with stone

flint hatchet can be crafted with more then just flint

dripstone breaks when hit with projectile

water, lava, and snow bucket dispense to cauldrons

Blazes Leve Trail of fire

Hoglins swim less buggy

Horses less buggy

Guardians Spawned undergroud don't kill glow squids

invisible potions turn item frams and armor stands inviable

snowballs put out fire

wolves attack in the night

witches throw potions to aid other monsters

armor stands have arms

name tags no longer visable after 2 minutes on gameplay

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12/11/2021 2:18 am
Level 35 : Artisan Miner
Mines4more avatar
When I tried to load this datapack in Minecraft 1.18 it just said, "Error validating datapacks" and wouldn't let me play with it at all, even though there is a tag saying, "Compatibility to Minecraft 1.17 Minecraft 1.18"! Please help
01/10/2022 12:12 am
Level 28 : Expert System
Willberfollower avatar
I was putting off my updates for the pack till I could get a new videos out. But it is now updated.
11/05/2021 8:30 am
Level 1 : New Miner
shelli_k18 avatar
your recipe's are not viewable! twine by 2 grass shows a green book, but not how to make it, nor is sharp stick, which looses a stick, but can still be used as a stick in recipe's and every time I make twine it says "new recipe opened" (ran on new snapshot 21w44a, no other mods). also punchable trees, craft table normal, no leather, sleep works fine. in regular mode. ??
01/10/2022 12:18 am
Level 28 : Expert System
Willberfollower avatar
It is possible the recipes to craft them do not show up. Twine is crafted by 2x2 grass. you can also use vines or string for recipes. Not exactly sure what you mean by sharp stick. After some consideration I figured to stop players abusing the fact you need a axe, It was better overall to allow players to punch trees but not get wood if they do so. Same for the crafting table it can be crafted with 2 wood and 2 leather but can also be crafted normally with planks. I would apricate feedback on the crafting table whether it should always require leather. Players can use beds but will never skip the night.
10/17/2021 2:00 pm
Level 28 : Expert System
Willberfollower avatar
Ive decided the datapack start is a little too tedious. I have been working on tweaks and test playing. I've also decided to spilt the datapack into 3 one for the updated crafting and another for the game physics and the last one for the insane mobs. should be out as soon as I can make a video for each pack.
07/30/2021 1:02 amhistory
Level 1 : New Miner
JASPER628 avatar
can you make a version that without world generation, y -256 is cool but quite lag
07/31/2021 5:08 pmhistory
Level 28 : Expert System
Willberfollower avatar
its very easy to change just open the datapack folder go to data/minecraft/worldgen
and delete the noise_settings folder also delete the dimensions folder in the data/minecraft.
Do this before you create your world. it would also run better if you dedicate more ram to minecraft.
07/19/2021 2:55 pm
Level 2 : Apprentice Artist
_Amoo_King_ avatar
very good
i will try it in my future videos!
07/19/2021 4:57 am
Level 58 : Grandmaster Nerd
Pleasenotme avatar
Woah this seems so cool!
07/19/2021 9:06 am
Level 28 : Expert System
Willberfollower avatar
thanks! if you find any bugs or anything that you think would improve it let me know.
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