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Tetrajak avatar Tetrajak
Level 75 : Legendary Modder
This data pack requires my Staggered World Gen Lib data pack to do its world generation. Please make sure both of these are installed.

This data pack transforms the underground into a more diverse and interesting experience.

The following features are added by this data pack:
  • 17 new underground biomes, with varying stone types, deposits, and decorations.
  • 7 new fossils (in addition to the existing fossils)
  • New rich ore deposits for every ore type
  • 5 new dungeons found in caves
It also adds recipes to allow you to mix and match stone types when crafting stone tools, and functional blocks that use stone (furnaces, levers, blast furnaces, repeaters, etc.), as well as being able to uncraft prismarine into shards, combine walls into full blocks, and glass panes into glass blocks (so that decorations and stone types have more uses).

Installing this data pack onto worlds with underground builds below sea level may result in those builds having blocks changed/added due to the world generation this data pack performs.

A config file is available to allow speleothem generation to be disabled/enabled (enabled by default), config options to disable/enable the various structure types added by this data pack, as well as enabling/disabling individual biomes (all enabled by default) so you can exclude any biomes you don't want to generate, which you can find in the data pack at data/under_over/functions/config.mcfunction.
CompatibilityMinecraft 1.16

19 Update Logs

Version 20 : by Tetrajak 03/29/2021 11:04:08 pmMar 29th, 2021

Bugs Fixed
  • Iron and Diamond rich ore deposits don't/rarely spawn.
  • Emerald rich ore deposits spawn vastly more often than other types.

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06/03/2021 10:02 pm
Level 11 : Journeyman Explorer
M16 avatar
is there a way I could pregenerate chunks in a defined radius based on my players current position?
03/16/2021 2:08 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
Valoo avatar
Hi! I have a question regarding the ore deposits spawning rates; I tried the data pack (excellent work by the way) in a creative world to see how rare each deposit is and I have only seen emerald, redstone, gold, lapis and coal (from most commons to rarest from what I noticed) but I have yet to see any iron or diamond deposit. For the diamond ores I assumed it must be pretty damn rare but I can't see why I haven't seen any iron deposit yet.
Any idea?

I play on version 1.16.5 and I am not on a server.
03/29/2021 11:05 pm
Level 75 : Legendary Modder
Tetrajak avatar
This issue should be fixed in the latest version, thank you for your patience.
03/30/2021 3:15 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
Valoo avatar
Thank you :D
03/16/2021 3:59 pm
Level 75 : Legendary Modder
Tetrajak avatar
Thanks for letting me know about the unusual ore deposit distribution. I'll look into it and fix it if it looks like a bug.
01/16/2021 7:36 pm
Level 58 : Grandmaster Architect
Hoponopono avatar
Will we have 1.17 version? This is awesome
01/16/2021 10:02 pm
Level 75 : Legendary Modder
Tetrajak avatar
Thank you, I'm glad you like it! Whether I update Underground Overhaul to 1.17 depends on how good a job Mojang do on the new caves; if they're underwhelming then I'll update it.
05/16/2021 5:11 pm
Level 31 : Artisan Dragonborn
Tarruvi avatar
I have never been in a place where I WANTED the caves to be underwhelming in 1.17...
These world gen datapacks are oodles more ambitious than Mojang can be, sometimes.

I would like to see ice caves, and sandstone caves in the final version of 1.17.
But, I wouldn't be surprised if they opted for just one change to the cave generation.
That being, deeper caves and maybe the lush caves.

In short: this datapack, and others like it. Make Minecraft exploration a lot more exciting.
05/17/2021 12:43 amhistory
Level 75 : Legendary Modder
Tetrajak avatar
So far, what we've seen in the 1.17 previews for cave biomes have certainly been less diverse than I would have liked. I think we only have 5 currently; normal, dripstone, lush, underground lakes, and the deep dark (although I wonder if I'm being too generous with my definition of underground biome). I'm not willing to rule out the idea that Mojang will add more cave biomes in the future, but due to the latest snapshot actively disabling work-in-progress features, it looks like they're getting ready to release the first half of the Caves & Cliffs update.

If Mojang don't release a sudden surprise of 10 new underground biomes, I'd classify 1.17's underground generation as underwhelming ;)
01/05/2021 5:48 pm
Level 52 : Grandmaster Technomancer
Zero_4793 avatar
For some reason your DP has stopped working on my realm after a while. I am running other datapacks. but i'm not sure when it stopped working or why.

Also on an unrelated note. could you alter it so soulsand and magma blocks dont generate as much under water. OMG the lag and frame drops. its really frustrating to fix that up every time my worlds begin to chugg. I do it cuz i love your DP, but yk id rather not have to XD
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