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VILLAGE AUTOVOID - Void The Villages (Version 1.2)

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Void The Villages!!!
(Version 1.2)

Preview images does not imply that this data-pack is a Aether like world generator, however more of an Addon to use along side an Aether like data-pack.

Highly recommend www.planetminecraft.com/data-pack/sanonasu-s-floating-islands-for-minecraft-1-16-2/

This data-pack is designed for an upcoming map that is in the works. However I wanted to share my code from what I learned, with everyone like you! The reason I made this data-pack is because I’ve always loved floating islands in Minecraft as a world generation option... BUTT villages tend to spawn partly or all the way in the void, and it’s truly an eye sore for players like you and I. Just seeing them down there, defying gravity and realism to the Minecraft world… Makes me want to take out the TNT!!!

While the pack will clear out most of the villages down in the void by 90%, this pack is not entirely perfect. So I included a manual mcfunction command you can use that does not require you to have cheats enabled. Whenever you find a village with some of the structures of the village down in the void, you can clear them up yourself with a few steps. Make sure you are directly above, or within 50 blocks, then just type “function vtv:void_clear” into the chat. Should clear most of it up. If not, get closer .͜ .

Do not use the mcfunction (“function vtv:void_clear”) in the wrong dimension. Doing so will clear out a lot of blocks down at the bedrock level from 11 blocks down to Zero! So make sure you are not to far down while executing the command in chat, or you will fall out of the world X,’D
CompatibilityMinecraft 1.17

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