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Visible Shulkerbox Name - V.1.0 (MC 1.17+)

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PauseKawa avatar PauseKawa
Level 30 : Artisan Crafter
Pause Kawa - Visible Shulkerbox Name V.1.0

This pack allow you to show up the name you set to your shulkerboxes above them when placed.

A great utility to facilitate your building organization or your farming sessions.

Features :

  • If you're a server administrator, you can toggle the shulkerbox name visibility at anytime using this command.

    To hide shulkerboxes names:
    /scoreboard players set %pk_shulkerbox_name_visibility PK_value 0
    To show shulkerboxes names:
    /scoreboard players set %pk_shulkerbox_name_visibility PK_value 1

How to install?

Please refer to the Planet Minecraft tutorial to know how to install a data pack : How to Install Minecraft Data Packs.

How to use?

1. Rename your desired shulkerbox from an anvil. It is recommended to use a short name.
2. Place your shulkerbox block somewhere, the name will be shown above it.
3. Removing the shulkerbox will make the floating name disappear.
CompatibilityMinecraft 1.17
toMinecraft 1.18 Snapshot

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09/08/2021 7:04 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
trevor2105 avatar
It only works for about a second after I place the shulker box, and then the name goes away. Is there something I can do to fix this?
09/08/2021 7:48 pm
Level 30 : Artisan Crafter
PauseKawa avatar
Did you run a kill command?

Or do you use another datapack? Maybe one of them is badly removing all AEC sometimes without any tag check.
09/08/2021 9:09 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
trevor2105 avatar
Yeah, I have about 20 or so running along with it. That's probably it lol. Oh well
09/09/2021 9:25 amhistory
Level 30 : Artisan Crafter
PauseKawa avatar
Okay! I personnaly take every precaution possible to make my datapacks compatible with other datapacks that follow Phi and common standards, and are others works friendly too.

Unfortunately some datapacks are badly designed to be compatible with other datapacks (killing entities without tag check / overriding default content, and so), if you can figure out what datapack do that, you can report it to its author, so he can maybe fix the problem!
09/06/2021 3:05 am
Level 63 : High Grandmaster Kitten
FunkyToc avatar
Interesting idea!
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