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Whitelight (+KoalAid's) Survival.

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Required Resource Pack
KoalAidGotGeico avatar KoalAidGotGeico
Level 38 : Artisan Procrastinator
Whitelight released a 3 part video series on Minecraft 3 years or so back now. Since I saw this video, I realized why Minecraft lost all its "pazaaz" after I played through it the first couple of times. I was bored. I did everything there was to do. Of course I moved on to mods but not every mod matches everything I think would be ideal as Whitelight says, "For every one thing I like there are 10 things I dislike."
Updated Combat

Combat is relatively simple in Minecraft. Crit your opponent to death. If you're playing 1.8, it's break your fingers. Of course, there is strategy but not too much of it. Much of MC's pvp is dependent on skill rather than strategy. Hence...

Tridents do 12 dmg rather than 9.

Axes and swords are the same.

Pickaxes break armor faster. (Stoo's Subtle Survival Settings Inspired!)

Shovels break elytras faster.
Shovels boost you up when you wear an elytra, you're not on the ground, and hit something with them.

Hoes pull mobs closer to you. (Whitelight inspired!)

Dodging! You can dodge with a very small cooldown each time you dodge (around half a second). Dodging takes hunger, though. You can only dodge if you have at least 18 hunger bars. To dogde you must sprint-without stopping the sprinting(don't stop sprinting just keep on sprinting)- crouch then jump and stay crouched. (Whitelight inspired!)

When you take up to a certain amount of damage while shielding you start taking damage. The better the shield tier you have, the better the more damage you have to block to get damaged. Diamond shields block the most damage at the cost of speed. Gold is in the same league as diamond but takes way too much durability. Iron is underneath diamond but above the normal shield. (All these shields can be made in smithing tables using the material of shield you want to make + a normal shield eg a diamond shield is one diamond + a normal shield = a diamond shield.) (Whitelight inspired!)

Crouch shielding. (Stoo's Subtle Survival Settings Inspired!) When you crouch whilst blocking you won't take any damage despite the amount of damage you block but your shield takes more durability.

Not crouching takes less durability off your shield but opens up the opportunity to taking damage.
Golden apples will replace your strength with weakness (if you have the strength effect).
Enchanted golden apples will clear your strength, weakness, slowness, and speed (if you those effects).
Golden carrots will replace your slowness with weakness and speed (if you have the slowness effect).

Armors will slow you down! Gold and iron slow you down equally as much. Netherite makes you the slowest then diamond. Chainmail and leather don't slow you down that much if at all. (Inspired by Pleasenotme's datapack on armor weights!)

Shields slow you down alongside armor.

A nether star in any slot in your hotbar (or offhand) will give you regeneration every 20 seconds. (Inspired by Ice and Fire's serpent heart!)
Pickaxes are essentially just weaker axes now dealing more damage.

Hoes have an unlimited cooldown (almost) and do more or less damage based on the tier.

Health and Regen:

Every four seconds, if you have 18 or more haunches of hunger then you regenerate half a heart. (Inspired by Stoo's Subtle Survival Improvements + Vanilla MC)

Foods will instantly heal you different amounts of health depending on what food they are. Some foods even give special effects! E.g. Tropical fish give you dolphin's grace when eaten.

Starve.io Inspired Recipies!

Wooden swords, golden swords, and netherite swords all have the same crafting recipies.

Stone swords:

Whitelight (+KoalAid's) Survival. Minecraft Data Pack
Whitelight (+KoalAid's) Survival. Minecraft Data Pack
Iron Sword:
Whitelight (+KoalAid's) Survival. Minecraft Data Pack
Diamond Sword:

Wooden, gold, netherite, and diamond shovel crafting recipes are unchanged.
Stone shovels:

Iron Shovel:

Wooden, gold, and netherite pickaxe crafting recipes are the same. Cobblestone and blackstone are interchangeable for the crafting recipes of stone pickaxes.

Stone Pickaxe(s):

Iron Pickaxe:

Diamond Pickaxe:

Cobblestone and blackstone are interchangeable for stone axe crafting recipies. Gold, netherite, and wooden axe recipies are the same.

Stone Axe(s):

Iron Axe:

Diamond Axe:



Shields can be crafted using ANY wood/plank type. The acacia stripped wood and iron ingot must always stay the same, though.

Wither skeleton skulls:
This crafting recipe requires a smithing table. It may be a little bit overpowered...

Diamond/iron/gold shields:
Combine any shield and a gold ingot/iron ingot/diamond in a smithing table.

Can be placed in any order or position in the crafting grid for all 3 recipes.


Ender pearls:

Jack O' Lanterns: Can be crafted with candles now.

Chainmail Armor: Can be crafted as normal Vanilla MC armors usually would be.



Spectral Arrows:

Horse Armors: Can be smithed in smithing tables by combining a saddle and an iron chestplate/gold chestplate/leather chestplate.

Netherite Ingots: Require 1 gilded blackstone alongside the normal Vanilla ingredients.

Iron Armor: Chainmail armor smithed with an iron ingot in a smithing table will make iron armor.

Hoes are crafted the same way as they normally would be in Vanilla MC. Stone and iron hoes, though, need the slot where you would normally put a stick to be filled with a wooden hoe (for stone hoes) or stone hoe (for iron hoes). Similar crafting recipes to shovels.

All armors are crafted normally except for iron and diamond. Diamond armor is crafted the same except for the fact that you must have one piece of iron armor in the middle of your recipe. For iron you need one piece of leather in your recipe.

Chestplates are the only armor with a crafting recipe different from regular Vanilla MC.

I will have to write the rest later...

Inspired by Suspicious Stoo's Subtle Survival Improvements, Devons_Desk's True Survival, and Whitelight.

Some datapacks are required for full features.




Every problem listed in Whitelight's video is one that I tried to solve.
CompatibilityMinecraft 1.17

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