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Wessentials - Balance and Functionality Tweaks

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Linzi avatar Linzi
Level 48 : Master Princess
Minecraft asks us to invest an unreasonable amount of time into the game to get quality gear. If you're playing more casually like me, small quality of life tweaks go a long way.

More Slime Spawns - Slimes are painfully rare in vanilla Minecraft. To make them easier to find, slimes will now generate in ALL chunks below y=0!

Better Piglin Trades - Piglin trades in vanilla are boring and mostly yield junk. With Essentials, the loot tables have been stripped down to only the important items, in rarities that feel fair. A less common reward that Piglins may offer is a stack of 10-20 "Wither Arrows", which give mobs the wither effect on hit.

Cheaper Netherite Recipes - Ancient debris is tedious to mine, and you need to find 4 whole blocks to craft a single netherite ingot. If you don't have the time for that, Essentials makes the recipes for netherite ingots and blocks cheaper.

Smeltable Redstone - For people who aren't into building highly technical circuits frequently, you'll have a lot of redstone laying around just taking up space. In Essentials, you can smelt redstone blocks to convert their redstone energy into experience points. You'll get 7 exp per redstone block.

Versatile Copper - Unless you want to make a building out of copper, there is almost no reason to pick up this painfully common ore. Essentials adds a few new uses, including the ability to craft tridents out of copper, finally making them easily obtainable in Java edition.

Botanical Duplication - In Essentials, you can duplicate any flower or lily pad using a bonemeal in the crafting table, making these sometimes scarce resources more easy to stockpile.

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CompatibilityMinecraft 1.17
toMinecraft 1.18

7 Update Logs

Update #7 : by Linzi 12/24/2021 11:22:07 amDec 24th, 2021

Reduced the spawn rate of slimes.

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03/20/2022 11:59 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
Passqord avatar
This is a very nice datapack and I use it a lot but one problem are the rarity of diamonds. Is there a way to change the rarity of diamonds? Ever since 1.18 came out diamonds (stone variant) became much rarer and it's a pain to mine diamonds in deepslate. So, can you tweak this datapack and make diamonds more common? Say, 2.5x more common?
03/25/2022 4:27 pm
Level 48 : Master Princess
Linzi avatar
Stone diamonds are definitely rarer but if you're actually searching at deepslate level it still feels comparable to me. This mod originally made diamonds more common, but to me 1.18 diamond levels are perfect.
01/18/2022 1:52 pm
Level 1 : New Explorer
Jay_DeadEye avatar
I agree with one of the other comments here, although being able to craft tridents is cool, it's too cheap, and it would make sense if prismarine was implemented into the crafting recipe to encourage exploration. Maybe just put 2 prismariine shards next to the nether quartz? This is just an idea, it's fine if it is disregarded.

And while we are on the topic of tridents, copper actually makes sense to be the base of the trident. Copper turns a similar color when it oxidizes, and copper can be used to make a lightning rod to attract lightning, tridents can be enchanted to strike enemies with lightning during a thunder storm.
12/07/2021 9:24 am
Level 24 : Expert Collective
Frostwing72 avatar
Awesome. Use it in every playthrough
12/06/2021 1:31 am
Level 2 : Apprentice Miner
Geogold123 avatar
09/16/2021 5:37 am
Level 1 : New Miner
JASPER628 avatar
I recommend that use Prismarine Crystals to replace quartz and Prismarine Shard to replace copper for crafting trident, it will be more feature to make players go to explore monuments and get the material from guardians.
09/04/2021 7:52 pmhistory
Level 1 : New Explorer
Jay_DeadEye avatar
I found a bug with the data pack,
With the data pack it takes 4 netherite ingots to make a netherite block, but then you can break down the netherite block into 9 netherite ingots therefore duplicating netherite.

Also might I recommend that crafting chains gives 2-4 chains instead of 1, that would make it a little less expensive.
Thank you for your time.
11/29/2021 7:15 pm
Level 48 : Master Princess
Linzi avatar
Fixed in the current update.
08/19/2021 1:16 pmhistory
Level 1 : New Miner
oofpoof avatar
Is there a config to disable features? Because I think the redstone is too op. Also what is the piglin loot table
08/19/2021 2:34 pm
Level 48 : Master Princess
Linzi avatar
Piglin loot tables have been posted.
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