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WorldSaladDev's Champion Mobs

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WorldSaladDev avatar WorldSaladDev
Level 20 : Expert Artist
Champion Mobs Data Pack by WorldSaladDev (Minecraft 1.19+)

This datapack may still be updated.

Multiplayer compatible.

Is survival Minecraft too easy for you? Spice things up and bring new threat in your world with Champion Mobs!
Champions are mobs with higher health, damage, and special abilities. They also drop better loot.

Most hostile entities can have these buffs and special abilities:

Tier 1 Champions - 50 health

Slime Splitting - Spawns 2 medium slimes upon death.

Beefy - Has 100 health

Swift - Makes it very fast

Death Bomb - Leaves an explosion on death.

Status Bomb - Leaves a field of poison, weakness, slowness or blindness on death.

Tier 2 Champions - 100 health

Ice Aura - Gives nearby players and friendly mobs slowness in a 5 block radius.

Heavy Hitting - (applies to melee mobs) This mob deals a lot of damage on hit.

Burying - Randomly teleports nearby players 1 block into the ground (unless the block below is unbreakable)

Juggernaut - stops all projectiles mid-motion

Tier 3 Champions - 150 health

Protection - Makes nearby hostile mobs invincible.

Bolstering - Gives nearby hostile mobs strength 2 and resistance 1 in a 10 block radius.

Vexing - Summons vexes every few seconds.

Damocles - Occasionally summons a very high powered arrow of harming above the player's head.

Lazarus - Spawns a fast and tough melee stray on death.

Loki - Occasionally turns invisible, blinds the player, and teleports to a random location around the player.

Don't repost, edit or claim this data pack as your own. Don't use
You may reference my "code" to build your own data pack, but please don't just copy-paste, and credit me.
CreditMisode's Data Generators
CompatibilityMinecraft 1.19

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