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WorldSaladDev's Ranged Arsenal

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WorldSaladDev avatar WorldSaladDev
Level 27 : Expert Artist
Champion Mobs Data Pack by WorldSaladDev (Minecraft 1.19+)

This datapack may still be updated.

Multiplayer compatible. Survival Friendly.

Ever wished there was a bit more variety with the ammo you use with those bows and crossbows? Look no further! Ranged arsenal includes 8 new arrows with unique effects ranging from draining water to ignoring gravity. You can craft any of the following arrows in a vanilla crafting table.

The following items can be crafting in a vanilla crafting table. Recipes can be found in the advancements tab in-game. When you craft them, take the resulting knowledge book and you will get the arrows.

Explosive Arrows: A classic addition to your quiver. Explodes when it contacts a block.

Incendiary Arrows: Sets fire to the area near where it lands.

Absorbent Arrows: Soaks up water as it flies. Useful for draining large areas where sponge just won't cut it.

Gravity Arrows: Ignores gravity, traveling in a straight line.

Conductive Arrows: Summons lightning where it lands.

Resonating Arrows: Highlights mobs nearby wherever it lands with the Glowing effect.

Chorus Arrows: Wherever it lands, it will teleport the nearest mob to that point, hurting it in the process. Never miss again!

Rubber Arrows: Only deals 1/2 a heart of damage, regardless of the bow or charge level. Great for messing with your friends!

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CreditMisode's Datapack Generators
CompatibilityMinecraft 1.19

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12/15/2022 10:24 am
Level 1 : New Miner
RODHI avatar
can you show photos for the crafting recipe?
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