XP Scooper and Storage Tank

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                  avatar TheGayerest4264
                  Level 44 : Master Princess
                  Hello PMC,

                  Here is another datapack for which the texture is currently being worked on. This one is much more fleshed out. It allows you to craft an XP Scooper, which, when held in your main hand with glass bottles in the second, will transfer some of your XP to the glass bottles. This pack also features an XP storage tank which you can use to store XP. Place it like a normal block and it will store nearby XP for you to extract later by breaking it. You do get the storage container back when you break it, it just takes a second for it to appear.

                  Edit: The textures are done! Download the Become Creatures pack and this pack again if you want the XP scooper to have a custom texture. Currently, it is a syringe
                  CreditCrafterickAce for the resource pack
                  CompatibilityMinecraft 1.16

                  1 Update Logs

                  Update #1 : 09/05/2020 7:35:56 amSep 5th

                  - Added compatibility with the Become Creatures resource pack
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