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Z artur Z's powerty!

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ZarturZ_YDZ avatar ZarturZ_YDZ
Level 16 : Journeyman Blacksmith
Z artur Z's powerty! Minecraft Data Pack


Hey-hey! Z artur Z here, and I am introducing my new datapack!



Advancements, total there is 12 advancements, 4 race advancements, 3 block advancements, 2 mob advancements and 3 "group" advancements!

Here is all advancements and how to get them!


Race advancements:

Zombie! - select Undead race.
Fishy! - select Fugunians race.
Vampirism! - select Vampire race.
Ender Generation! - select Enderman race.

Block advancements:

Let it begin - place oak planks in the world.
FloraMagic - activate your first floramagic circle.
All of ore - collect diamond, emerald, iron, coal, gold ores and ancient debris.

Mob advancements:

STUPID! BATS! - you need to kill a bat.
Its ok to be bee! - you need to attack a bee.

"Group" advancements:
(you will have them initially)

Powerty - the root advancement

Mob - All advancements that has matter to mobs.
Block - All advancements that has matter to blocks.

The races, totally there is 4 races that player can choose (Or player dont choose at all).
Z artur Z's powerty! Minecraft Data Pack

Inforamtion about races

Undead race - burn out by the sun, but not zombies, not skeletons, not husks, not zombie villagers will attack player!

Vampire race - If under the sun, they have the nausea and slowness, but with each kill they restore 2 food points. Vampires also have their own flora-magic available.

Fugunians race - If on land, they have the poison effect, but they breathe endlessly under water, move faster, and see better!

Enderman race - if under water, they have wither effect, but if they stand on magma cactus or lava, they will automaticly teleport.

The flora-magic. The most interesting part of the datapack.

All about flora-magic

Flora-magic(or floramagic) is magic, that use flowers and plants, to manipulate the world.

Rain summon ritual.To summon rain, you need 4 red tulip and 1 twisting vines . Place it like this:Z artur Z's powerty! Minecraft Data Pack
and stand in center of the construction( called floramagic circle )!

Or, if you want to make clear weather, you need to make floramagic circle like Rain summon ritual, but replace twisting vines with sunflower!

Only for vampire race, the strength ritual, just place it like this, and stand in center, you, and other vampires, will have strength VIII for 30 seconds!

If you want to charge a creeper, or you need to summon a lightning bolt, you can make flora-circle with this (Use ONLY dead BRAIN coral!)
items, and any entity that will be in center of the circle, will activate it, and a lightning bolt will strike on that entity!

Now, the most importat one! An ULTIMATE SPAWNER creation! First, you need to create hollow spawn egg!
To make it, you need to make this construction, and stand in middle! You will get a hollow spawn egg!

Than, you need to make an ULTIMATE SPAWNER! To make it, place a beacon, than, place rose bushes around it like this:

Then, shift+click on the beacon with a hollow spawn egg, and if there will be black particles, you need to bring in center of the flora-circle a skeleton, zombie or spider. If you did all correct, you will have an ultimate spawner with that mob. It will spawn a lot of mobs! But, warning, you will lose your beacon!

Here is how ultimate spawner look like:


v1 - release!
CreditZ artur Z and BubbleFish
CompatibilityMinecraft 1.16
toMinecraft 1.17

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