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ZombsHeads+ - A Custom Mob Head Pack

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Zombie3597 avatar Zombie3597
Level 19 : Journeyman Zombie

This pack is aimed to build off of the pre-existing feature Mojang created of certain mobs dropping their heads when killed by a charged creeper, and now have every mob (and mob variant) drop their heads when killed by a charged creeper. There are hundreds of heads to collect!

Note: Mob heads in this pack are only obtainable by having those mobs killed by charged creepers. There is no looting chance of obtaining these heads (with the exception of wither skeletons).

How to install/uninstall:

To install: place the compressed .zip file of this pack into the datapacks folder of your saved world. You do not need to extract anything. You will need to do the command /reload in your world.

To uninstall: run the function /function commands:uninstall


Overall: general list of features with this pack:
  • 405 custom player heads included
  • Support for unsupported mobs
  • 405 custom advancements
  • Unique Player Head drops
Mob Heads: the unique heads of every mob and each of their variants has been added in this pack.
  • There are 368 unique mob heads to collect!
  • Each villager type and profession has their own unique head, that shows the details of new 1.14+ villager models.
  • All of the unique zombie villager heads have been added.
  • Certain mobs, if wearing armor, will drop their head with their helmet texture on the head.
Clip of Obtaining a Mob Head

Unsupported Mobs:
there is now a way in survival to spawn in the mobs that were removed from the game, with the exception of the “Giant” zombie mob.
  • The Killer Bunny: rename a White Rabbit to “Killer Bunny”, and it will transform into the Killer Bunny mob.
  • Zombie Horse: rename a Skeleton Horse to “Zombie Horse”, and it will transform into the Zombie Horse mob. You will be able to ride them if you give them a saddle!
  • Illusioner: rename an Evoker to “Illusioner”, and it will transform into the Illusioner.
  • *Note: names are case sensitive, you will need to capitalize letters like shown above
Short Clip of a Mob Transforming

Advancements: there is an added tab on the Advancements page that will show up shortly after starting your game. You can use this page to track your progress collecting every head!
  • There are overall 405 advancements to complete!
  • There is an advancement for every mob head and each of their variants.
  • All of the advancements are nicely organized into categories, which will make it easier to find certain heads.
  • The advancements at the start of each category will count each head that you collect, so you can keep track of how many more you need to collect! There is also an overall count to show your progress for collecting all of the heads!
  • There is a special surprise for the player whenever you completely fill out each category advancements, including the overall count!
  • There are advancements at the end of each category, which are just placeholders so you can always see every head that you can collect. These placeholder advancements are automatically completed.
Player Heads:
  • Players will drop their heads only when killed by a charged creeper!
  • This is the only way for player heads to be obtained in this pack.
  • There are no advancements specifically for obtaining a Player’s Head.
  • This datapack works in both singleplayer and multiplayer.
  • This datapack should be compatible with most other datapacks.
  • This datapack is compatible with Minecraft versions 1.15 - 1.15.2.
  • *This datapack and all of its features technically work in Minecraft versions 1.14 - 1.14.4, except that the Bee heads will not be obtainable, and advancements for them will not show up. This version is not meant for 1.14.
  • Feel free to use this pack in any singleplayer or multiplayer world, but please credit this page if applicable. Do not repost this pack.
Creditminecraft-heads.com - for the custom mob heads
CompatibilityMinecraft 1.15

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06/12/2020 2:12 pm
Level 28 : Expert Botanist
Brownie1111 avatar
I tried out this pack, very well done! It's a nice survival challenge for keeping worlds fresh and exciting.
I hope we get to see the 1.16 version of it someday!
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