Halloween Community Event : Now Complete!

Thank you for participating and watching the Halloween Community Event!

Combined together we contributed 587 entries for the event!
You'll find a pixel art event trophy on your profile pages.

The October month & Halloween Event conclusion

This year's October on Planet Minecraft was great fun and more haunting than ever before!

The first community event was a big o' spoopy success thanks to you! The Halloween Gods & Ghouls are smiling down upon us... that's good, we think.

PMC Hallo-Kitty! It's Hallo-kitty! Everyone who participated in this event will find Hallo-kitty in their awards & trophy case!
Pixel art by Cyprezz

Let's take a quick look at the event

Together we created 558 fantastically horrific & diverse skins, 48 spooky maps and 16 blogs that included everything from scary halloween stories to original art! You can browse all entries here.

Here's a candy corn sized taste of what was entered which frightened, bewitched or surprised us!

Ghosts, demons and zombies! Most of the entries in the event were skins. Many of which were also part of member hosted community events, such as PMC members ElvenJedi's Skintober event or Carcharodontosaurus's Grizzly Grotesque Gore-tober Challenge.

The Skintober challenge was particularly difficult to complete, PMC member SquishySie managed to keep up with making a skin a day for the entire month! This resulted in an incredible collection of Halloween-themed skins, our favorite of which is their day 25 skin and event entry for the prompt "Scare". 🎃 This skin will surely scare the rabbits and slimes away from your Minecraft crops!

Map builders participated in the event in their own blocky way. PMC member and YouTuber GeminiTay entered their Haunted Forest build, along with a video on which they explain the building process and show their work in a timelapse. The project shows a witch, brewing a magical potion in a haunted forest, surrounded by candles, pumpkins and a few witnessing animals. Amazing!

Sky0Wings worked with their friends zilversonic and Epicman999 to bring us Spooks Ville which is part of three maps they worked on together this month. The atmosphere is just right or just wrong depending on how you feel about it! You can see their other halloween maps here.

The Halloween Map by pixelcronic made clever use of the lime green glass blocks to fill a swap with glowing green goo! Their map has several appropriately scary inhabitants and features including a spooky-dead-tree, venomous spider, creepy floating hands, dark cabin and an evil tornado!

The blog section of the event contains some unique entries including traditional art, pixel art, short stories, and even a render!

Planet Minecraft member and render artist PixelFrosty submitted a blog entry with this adorable artwork which perfectly portrays just how fun and cozy Halloween can be, Minecraft-style!

There are a few spooky short stories to read in the Blog section but be sure to check out The Vanishing at Elderberry Grove, a four part series by Shady_Warlock and Romto_. It's a short story about six friends that go camping but they're not alone... The characters' dialog is well written and a joy to read.

Pixel Artist Bowmanimmortal seems as excited for Halloween as us in their introduction to their blog submission, going as far as renaming October to “Spooptober"! To celebrate their excitement for the holiday, they created a small batch of 9 little pixel pumpkins all with unique, spoopy personalities and names! Gooey, glowing “Gameboy" pumpkin, anyone? Or maybe a cool, retro "2sp00py4u" pumpkin is more your type..?

comment What did you think?! We'd like to hear your thoughts on the event as well as see your favorite entries. Share with us on the official Halloween Community Event thread.

HaVe A hApPY hAlLoWeEeeEN!

We hope everyone had fun this month! Happy Halloween PMC!

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