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Welcome to the community data pack event where participants use a custom framework designed by Bertiecrafter to implement Minecraft, but ??? scenarios. The scenario is up to you, the data pack creator. At the end of the event, we'll promote all of the data packs to mix and match together with the official PMC and social media accounts. Our last data pack event resulted in a Lucky Block collaboration data pack with 221 implementations! We're looking forward to seeing how far the data pack community has developed since then.

What are "Minecraft but" scenarios?
Basically, it's Minecraft except something is different about it. The easiest way to understand the concept is searching for "Minecraft but" on YouTube. What is different can range from the silliest of changes to the hardest of challenges.

How do I participate in this data pack event?
Novice and expert creators can easily implement scenarios!
Download the REQUIRED data pack framework and follow instructions to implement your own Minecraft, but ???? scenario. You fill in the ????

But, I've never made a data pack before! How can I participate???

That's okay, would you like to learn? We recommend the following Minecraft data pack tutorial series.

assignment_turned_in Rules & Guidelines

Important : Get and learn about the required framework to implement "Minecraft, But ?????" scenarios for this event.

Why is the framework required?
This community event is collaborative, yet distributed, effort to create scenarios that players can mix and match! All scenarios can be dropped into the datapacks folder and the framework will schedule them to run for 5 minutes each. The custom dialog displayed below should ensure your viewers know to install the framework along with your pack. It's that easy.

Why is the Data Pack Checker required?
Rules are necessary to ensure compatibility with other data packs and suitability for the event. The Data Packer Checker provides feedback faster and earlier in development than any event host could provide themselves.

Will viewers be able to use my data pack outside of the collaborative pack?
Yes! All entries in the event will automatically add a download button for the required framework. Visitors simply install both data packs. It's that easy to use your implementation on it's own.

This is an example of how your data pack download will appear to viewers. This should ensure your pack easily playable on it's own during and after the event.

Technical Rules
  • Do not embed the framework in your data pack! Keep them as separate data packs. Your entry page will automatically display a button to download the required framework. Viewers simply install both data packs and your implementation will work.
  • Only one submission per member. As explained above, you are allowed to add multiple scenarios.
  • No required custom resource packs, because the assets inside are too likely to clash with others when submissions are merged.
  • Use the Data Pack Checker to automatically check your implementation before submitting (PMC submission and wiki page). Download the rules from here and use the config file that's in the framework download (.zip file).
    Rules automatically checked by DPC
    • Create datapack for version 1.16.5 and up (version identifier 6).
    • No dangerous or global commands allowed (ban/kick/op/gamerule/worldborder/etc, see the configuration file for the full list.)
    • The functions registered in uninstall/register/load tags cannot have visible output (chat, sound, particles).
    • The functions registered in the register tag can only have commands that match the template. No other commands allowed.
    • Besides the specified tags, the bertiecrafter/minecraft/steve namespaces cannot be used, use a namespace you own (like your IGN) instead. This also means that you cannot register functions in #minecraft:load and #minecraft:tick.
    • Besides commands referenced by #bertiecrafter:mcb/register, in-game resources cannot have "bcmcb" prefix or "bertiecrafter" namespace.
    • Tags cannot be specified in a way that it overrides the contents of other tags. (The "replace" key)
    • All functions must start with a comment beginning with "#As/At" that describe where (~ ~ ~) and as what (@s) a function executes. Two distinct comments starting with "#As" and "#At" are allowed too.
    • The uninstall function must contain a removal command for all detected commands that create something. (E.g. you must provide a "/scoreboard objectives remove" command for every "/scoreboard objectives add")
    • You must prefix all in-game resources (objectives, tags, bossbars, teams, etc) to prevent clashes. (e.g. "svmcb_" for "Steve's Minecraft But")
    • All resources (functions, tags, structures) must be inside a mcb folder. That means that most function commands will look something like "/function my_namespace:mcb/my_function".
    • The pack.mcmeta file must specify version 6.
    • In the off-chance of 1.17 being released during the event, a rule will be released that will highlight which commands you need to change and where.
Creative Rules
  • The submission has to be survival and multiplayer compatible.
  • You cannot modify old submissions to fit the framework for this event. It's only allowed if you are the original author of the old submission and you do not submit it to this event.
  • Your scenario(s) must not be influenced by a player's voluntary actions. (No confirmation or configuration prompts for example.)
  • After your scenario ends and the Stop function is called, your scenario should be completely hidden. The player cannot be under the influence of your scenario when it isn't active.
  • When your scenario is active, the player must be continuously influenced by it (short intervals allowed). The player shouldn't experience something once and then have to wait 5 minutes until the next scenario. Commands run once leaving a lasting impact on the player which is then cleaned up in the stop function are allowed.
  • Your scenario must be repeatable. Make sure your stop and start functions reset and prepare for a next occurrence.
  • The usual Planet Minecraft rules still apply. No inappropriate content, no advertising, no stealing content or anything like that. Using other people's content even with their permission and credit is not allowed either.

help Any questions or contributions?

If you have a question about this event or need some help with data packs visit the official Minecraft, but ??? Data Pack Community Event thread.

We are excited to see your creative ideas come to life and hope you'll have fun this month!

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