Alpha Craft 1.6.4 NEED STAFF! 24/7 Drop Party! Pvp Factions

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by AlphaCraft_Server » 9/25/2013

Website: Almost done

Come join AlphaCraft its a Pvp, Raiding. and Greifing server we are currently looking for staff! The tsaff are very kind. We have a 24/7 drop party come check that out by logging onto the server and doing /warp dp We also have some OP stuff!

Hope to see you on!
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by Enderdragon2469 » 9/27/2013

Can I be Moderator? My IGn is Enderdragon2469
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by Crabbit » 9/27/2013

this server sucks, but alot, the OWNER DISBANED MY FACTION and i wasnt inactive, and he let a guy raid me everything
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by DarkVeil7 » 1/17/2014


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