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Club Paragon

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created 04/19/2018 8:06 pm by Rhines

Open to anyone, everyone, and all!

Welcome to Club Paragon, a group I'm organizing to share each other's opinions, make new relationships, try something new, and say you're in the famous Club Paragon! But of course, what group would be complete or famous without you?

My- No, our goal, is to encourage people to try new things and meet new people! You'll be given opportunities to find out about contests and people you've never heard of before, and delve into a community who has common interests as you! Some of the perks include an exclusive optional Discord Channel for members, Speciality Contests with a wide variety of hand-picked judges, free commissions from me, and more!

Contests will be run in a different manner here than other groups. We'll delve into Building, Blogging, Modding, making Resource Packs, Skinning, and several other different variations of contests! However, the main thing that sets our contests apart is that there are mixed contests- open to more than one kind of media. We'll make sure that the judges have different interests, produce different content, and fairly judge!

What are you waiting for? Apply now for free, no subscription required! To apply, please fill out the format below and PM me, so we can get you into the club!

Name you'd like to be referred to as:
Subscriber Count:
What are you looking forward to from Club Paragon:
Will you abide by the rules, and be subject to mute/kick/ban if you break them:

Rules for Optional Discord:
- Keep swearing in the vulgar chat. Words not counted as swearing are, as they follow: Hell, Heck, God, Bloody, and Damn (Please use to a minimum, however)
- No NFSW or you are subject to an instant, permanent ban
- The rules are subject to change at any time
- Respect all community members, including heavy drama and fights
- Light Drama is allowed, but please take anything more to PM's
- Please only advertise in places labeled for advertising
- You are not required to participate in any contests

Optional Discord Link:

The discord is strongly suggested, as it provides much easier communication between groups. However, feel free to talk about anything here, as I will still make sure contests are advertised here.

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