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PHPMC 7 | A Minecraft Server Manager

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created 10/20/2018 3:39 pm by Akkariin history
PHPMC 7 Open source | Multi-Platform | Distributed | FTP support | BungeeCord Support

Hello, My name is Akkariin, I am a web developer come from China. This is my first time posting on PMC.
Sorry for my poor English, I used Google Translate to write this. If there is anything wrong, please correct me.


Offical Website:

PHPMC 7 is a Powerful Minecraft Server Manager, written by PHP.

The main function
  1. Complete Minecraft server management capabilities
  2. Support cross-platform, it can run on Windows and Linux, even Android phones
  3. Support for multiple nodes and distributed
  4. Has FTP file transfer function
  5. Support for Docker containers (starting containers by command invocation)
  6. Can run game servers other than Minecraft

PHPMC 7 does not use MD5, we use secure hashes like BCrypt

We use the Java Daemon to read output through the IO stream, which is more efficient.

Because any command can be executed through the panel, it is recommended that you do not use it for commercial rental, otherwise there may be a security risk.

PHPMC 7 supports permission subdivision, and permissions can be set for each operation.

Online Demo

Simplified Chinese:
Traditional Chinese:

The username and password is: admin

This Demo is for viewing only, with no actual functionality.

Demo is not the latest version, if you want to experience the full features, please download and install.

Multiple languages

PHPMC 7 now supports multiple languages, and you can switch system languages such as en_US and zh_CN in PHPMC 7 settings.

More languages pack on:


This project uses the GNU General Public License v3.0 open source.

You may use, modify and distribute it arbitrarily, subject to the agreement.
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