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PMC Herobrine believer club!

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created 02/09/2014 6:14 pm by anikin414
last reply 04/11/2014 9:24 pm
this is the PMC HBB club. this is how to join:
Click to reveal

i will pm you if your in or out
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1 reply

04/11/2014 9:24 pm
Level 23 : Expert Grump
Some words of advice:
Use grammar. It's you're, which is short for you are not your as in it is your book.
Use capitals. Capitalize after a period.
Why is entering this club based on if you can make something or know someone who can make something or not?
Make your posts longer. I mean with more detail like what the club does and other things. No one is going to join because they don't know what you do in this club.

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