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by HPBT_Reptar » 4/29/2013


MC Arsenal is a custom scripted, automatic mini-game. It has the same concept of the Gun Game but with swords and bows. Once the game starts, you are given a wooden sword. Get kills to gain points and improve your weapon. Every kill will change your weapon. They greater your weapon is, the more points you receive. Whoever has the most points at the end of the game is the winner.

Players who donate are able to use kits to help them win. No kit is too powerful/OP. We make all donor perks cheap and easy to afford for all to buy. We want you to be able to donate and use kits. It makes the server more special and interesting! Donators are allowed to secretly message each other with /msg, do their own announcements with /me, and can toggle server based announcements with /announce [toggle]. When a donor joins, they will hear a unique sound and have fireworks shoot out above their heads. What a way to be noticed when you join!

We also keep track of your stats. Right now you can view your points with /stats. View others' stats with /statcheck. Your kills, deaths, total points, and points per round are recorded!

Use your points when you have a bow to buy 2 different enchantments with /bshop. Or you can buy 3 different items to help you get kills. Using /shop, you have the choice of buying a molotov, grenade, or a healer. All items/enchantments purchased will subtract points from your total points and round points.
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