Battle-Dome Map!

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by 45silverchris » 6/15/2012

So If you Have'nt heard what battle dome is you should look it up it looks like fun sooo we are gonna play some battledome today right now! 3 VS. 3 with me on a team DE-oped ;3
the rules are simple the first 15 minutes you my die how ever many times butt after that is up you die you are out of the game.
how to win? you ask well theres only two ways to win
kill all the other players orrrrrrr smash the other teams obsidian block
so this is sort of like capture the flag in a way
but you build a base to protect it
the map is divided with same land on each side. you cannot build in the sapwn/ water river divideing the area. you can not go out of the glass dome at all!
sooo thats it heres the stuff you need to get on after 2 games its all over so cmon now!
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cya there! EDIT: skype chat is allowed :)
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