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by Mr_Robin_Hood » 10/24/2013

Does anyone know how a beacon works?
Thanks in advance
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by Glitch_Vortex » 10/24/2013

first, you going to need a several to assloads of iron blocks/gold blocks/emerald blocks/diamond blocks

Then make it like a piramid like when you right click the beacon, you see a piramid.

Well you can put 3x3 one of that block (so that means 9 blocks of iron/gold/emerald/diamond block)

Then put the beacon on top, and boom!!

You can also make it the following patern: 9x9 then 7x7 then 5x5 then 3x3 then beacon
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by Fokkusu » 10/24/2013

Wiki page for beacons.

Using iron or gold is normally the best option for making the pyramid as they're not rare ores.
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