How to use a resource pack make any block, item, or mob in Minecraft translucent?help_outline

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Starstriker3000 started 07/03/2020 10:17 pm history
ToeStub replied 07/04/2020 4:35 am
For a sweets-themed resource pack I'm working on, I'm trying to make iron stuff gummy, so I need to make them translucent. However, no matter what I try--using an image editor to make the image itself translucent, adding "transparency": "50" or "opacity": "50" in the .json files, they don't become translucent when I actually enter my Minecraft world to test them out. Can somebody tell me what I'm doing wrong, and how to make the blocks and items translucent?

The same goes for mobs. Can you also tell me how to make mobs translucent?
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07/04/2020 4:35 am
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With the exception of some blocks (stained glass), the Minecraft engine does not support partial transparencies and for many blocks does not support transparencies at all.
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