Make mob move to or jump to 'perch'

Zaper1273/18/23 9:10 pm
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I'm trying to make a dragon boss monster that will land on a pill of polished Blackstone slab bricks, but the commands supposed to make it do so just... don't?

I've tried the minecraft:behavior.jump_to_block component and that just makes it do a patheic half block bounce and go nowhere.
Then I tired minecraft:behavior.move_to_block and that just doesn't do anything.

i even tried copying the code right from the bee and it didn't do anything.

This is the test script I have:

component group:
"minecraft:behavior.move_to_block": {
"priority": 0,
"search_range": 16,
"search_height": 10,
"tick_interval": 1,
"goal_radius": 0.1, // was tested with 0.4 when the goal radius wasn't squared. sqrt(0.4)~0.633
"target_blocks": [
"on_reach": [
"event": "minecraft:dragon_off_ground_event"

Event Caller:

"add": {"component_groups": ["minecraft:dragon_fly"]},
"remove": {"component_groups": ["minecraft:dragon_on_ground"]},
"remove": {"component_groups": ["dragon_perch"]}
"add": {"component_groups": ["minecraft:dragon_on_ground"]},
"remove": {"component_groups": ["minecraft:dragon_fly"]},
"remove": {"component_groups": ["zgkb:dragon_perch"]}
"add": {"component_groups": ["zgkb:dragon_perch"]},
"remove": {"component_groups": ["minecraft:dragon_fly"]},
"remove": {"component_groups": ["minecraft:dragon_on_ground"]}

Any Idea what I'm doing wrong?
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