Making ores and armour mod

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User2964499G started 03/29/2020 2:56 pm
TomConn replied 03/30/2020 2:46 am
I have been looking all over the internet and I have yet to find anything really showing me how to make my own ore and armour/tools/weapons to go with it.. any help would be great I already have my own textures... I have looked into a lot of the core scripts for minecraft and made some of my own but none of it has worked.

Thanks in advance
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03/30/2020 2:46 am
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I have no clue how to code, but I know that the program Mcreator ( https://mcreator.net ) doesn't require a high amount of coding experience. Not sure if you've already tried using it, but I know that it should be able to make new armour, tools, and ore's.

I hope it helps, and that you figure it out :)
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