Have some ideas for deadly traps?

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Sordrin started 03/15/2020 8:04 pm
ToxicSocks replied 03/26/2020 5:14 am
I am looking for some fresh ideas for lethal traps to adorn my labyrinth with.

Preferably traps that can reset themselves.

Redstone contraptions or ideas that can be skripted are ideal.

Any suggestions?
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Ooooooooohhhhh, my time to shine.

This will trap players for eternity, even if they're in creative mode.
I'll break this up into a series of steps, and you can only do this in creative with cheats activated:
1: Go into chat and type in /give @s command_block
2: Place it down and put in the command: /tp nameofplayergoeshere ~ ~1000 ~ ~0.5
3: Now set it to repeat and always active and exit that menu.

Now that player will be stuck rotating up in the sky for eternity, it's a bit cruel though...
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