Opinion on Minecraft bedrock edition.

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berlinpose2 started 06/28/2020 1:51 am history
PokeytheBearYT replied 07/06/2020 11:37 am
I was just wondering what y'all thought about the release of Minecraft bedrock edition. In my opinion, it currently isn't better than the original editions of Minecraft (Java, Xbox, PS, Wii). I understand that to allow crossplay, a new edition of the game needed to be created that multiple platforms could use, but it just lacks the nostalgic and nice feeling of the original Minecraft. I don't necessarily like how the Minecraft PE layout/theme was adopted for this new edition. And believe me, the large reason why I haven't really switched over is because bedrock edition is still extremely buggy on console. I tried transferring over my survival world that I have spent a year and a half on and has taken so much of my time to make, and the world file corrupted. The world was completely reset. I am not trying to insult the wonderful developers of Minecraft, because although I do not agree with the ideas for bedrock edition, the developers still continue to push out amazing updates and continuously listen to the community. Although, it would be handy if the console bedrock edition could allow the adding of servers. In the meantime, I'll continue playing Java edition until there will be a key feature that will make me want to switch over to windows 10 edition/bedrock edition. I'm just happy Java edition is still being updated.

Does anyone else share the same opinion as me?
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07/06/2020 11:37 am
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Personally, I prefer Java if you have a good computer to run it. I also like making mods and resource packs, which bedrock lacks, but I understand that it would be difficult to add. Bedrock is also a lot more glitchy , so I think it's whatever you prefer. However, on the other hand, bedrock is awesome for playing with your friends considering it's cross platform, so both are actually pretty great.
06/28/2020 10:15 pm
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The only thing I feel makes Bedrock better is controller support. I know some people may think that the controller mods for JAVA or steam's set up is enough, but they still fail in comparison. The resource packs seem to be put together a bit neater as well, but that just makes for easy texture pack editing. Just keep in mind Microsoft wants you to buy everything hence the store, I have no problem supporting creators but I would rather pay them directly. In short Bedrock is good for easier Game play if you find the keyboard setup annoying. But I have both and still find Java superior when it comes to community, creativeness, and freedoms.
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