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Karagra started 08/27/2020 4:25 am
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8BitCraft MMORPG
(Inlcuding full crossplay with some minor bugs for those using Bedrock!)

Let me start off by introducing myself, My name is Murderburger_ clearly :D
I have owned Minecraft servers since around 2014, with experience in
every field needed to be self efficient. I technically could be a one
man army on this project (Would prob die from exhaustion though!)
Anyways lets get onto the project details shall we?

8BitCraft MMORPG
has been a dream of mine for many years now and I have been researching
how I would accomplish this task. Inspiration comes mainly from World
of Warcraft and Black Desert Online, while other MMORPG's ideas are also
used. This will be your traditional MMORPG experience with custom races, classes, dungeons, raids, arenas, battlegrounds, housing, puzzles, quests, enhancing, crafting, professions, custom mobs, items, and gear! All of these features listed have already been tested to work. This map will also be using a modified version of Rodrigo's 8-Bit Texture Pack.

spent the last 6 months drawing up, deleting, redrawing, attempting,
deleting, and reattempting until I had a Map suitable for a real MMORPG
experience, currently me and one of my good friends are setting up the
builds in the map. The project is at the point where I will be doing a
Closed Alpha testing of our first area in the next month-ish.So now on
to you, I am looking for the players who have a passion for MMORPG's and
want to help shape this 8BitCraft World with me. I need people who can
think of quests, Mini Stories, Builders, Mob Creators, Item/Armor
makers. If you are interested please apply below with this format:

In-Game Name:
MMORPG Experience: (What MMORPG's have you played?)
Job Applying for: (Pick one of the jobs above or if you feel your skills are suited in another area not listed let me know.)
Hours per week: (How much time you can commit)

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