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Kingdom of Venzola [SMP RP] Realm Looking for Applicants!

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created 09/22/2019 12:06 pm by SCrEamIngXaLiEn history
The Kingdom of Venzola's Borders are OPEN!

  The Kingdom of Venzola is now accepting applications for membership. It is an RP SMP realm in which you play the role of a citizen of the Kingdom. You may choose to be a warrior, protecting the Kingdom from monsters, a blacksmith, crafting gear for the people. You can choose to be almost anything you want to be!

  Because this is an RP realm you are expected to remain IC (In Character) within the realm. To interact properly with everyone it is REQUIRED you are in our Discord server and can, at the very least, be able to join and listen to others speaking. You can reply via text channels, but you must be able to hear in VC.

  To join the realm you must APPLY on our Discord server. There all the specific rules and details are there.

Some Features

 - Ender Dragon loot drops. You will get an Elytra, 5 diamonds, 10 dragons breath and a shulker box from killing the Ender Dragon.
 - 1 Player Sleep. Stand on the pillow of a bed to sleep and change to day all by yourself, even if there are others on the realm.
 - Mob Despawn. There is a despawn system in place that emulates the Java edition despawn system.
 - End Resets. The end Islands get regularly reset. You can't build there permanently, but there will always be shulkers and end loot.

  More features and info are available on the Discord server.

How To Apply

  To apply you must join the Discord server and assign yourself a role and be 16+. After that you can go to #realm-application-and-rules, where you will read ALL the posted information before applying. You can DM me there if you have any further questions!

Discord Link:

  I'm eager to go through your applications and grow the Kingdom!
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