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created 07/19/2019 1:11 pm by HeyKalYT
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The Story Line of the series Rise Of The Arabs Is As Follows:

In the year 670 CE
There was an emperor called Umayyad dynasty , who always dreamed of rising the name of the arab empire to the stars. This emperor was a dreamer, but also a hard worker, so he didn't settle with dreaming, he worked hard enough to empower his empire so he can conquer the world.

This emperor started with strengthening his economy to make it capable of being stable even in a war mode and with no money going inside the empire's bank.. Not even a penny. Then he started with reinforcing his military power, by making military service obligatory, and by spending incredibly high budgets on the military and the researchers to invent new weapons that will make his military superior in any war he faces against any enemy.

But this emperor wasn't alone in this world who was working on his empire and dreaming to make it the greatest of all time, but there was an emperor called: Ferdinand II, who had the same dreams, and was following the same strategies to empower his empire in terms of military and economy. And this emperor was the emperor of the Caliphate of Coroda before he reunited it.

And in like every story, not everything goes right.. The two emperors were getting VERY powerful but alot of the people around weren't wishing the best for those two emperors, else they wanted them to be rather dead. And have always tried to hurt them but always failed to do so.

Just like there are bad people around the emperor wanting him down, there were loyal people preventing them from harming the emperors in any way, and would give their lives yo their emperors if needed to

The emperors kept growing power and kept developing, until both of the empires went in the way of each other, and there is now only one empire that could rise and rule the world..

In the end, both empires go into war with each other and that was the Final War of it's kind that the world has witnessed since then..

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